staff, August 1, 2012

Our annual summer BTN Football Tour starts next week and our tour bus is getting warmed up for the trip by driving around Chicago. As you can tell from the photo in this post, it stopped by Wrigley Field. Where will it be next?

The bus heads downtown to Michigan Avenue, State Street, and Lake Shore Drive around lunch hour on Thursday and then out to U.S. Cellular Field on Friday during the evening. If you're in Chicago and see it, take a photo and send it to us via our Twitter page or our Facebook page.

You're new to the BTN tour? Get ready. This is when our BTN team hits the road to visit each football training camp in order to produce a one-hour show for every school. We posted the full tour and TV show schedules earlier this week. Also this year: senior writer Tom Dienhart will be on the bus giving updates via  Twitter (@BTNTomDienhart) and on this blog. Of course, if you see our BTN bus on the highway, honk and wave.

Here's the bus outside that familiar Chicago landmark: