staff, July 24, 2012

The Big Ten Conference and member schools released their official lists of all Big Ten names past and present competing in the upcoming 2012 London Summer Olympics, which open this Friday. The list includes the handful of Big Ten athletes contributing Olympic journals to, featuring an entertaining band of Big Ten swimmers. Find the official list by school in this post and click on the linked names to find the latest journals from those athletes.

You can also read all of's Olympic coverage in our special 2012 Olympics Section. Also, we're posting best wishes from readers to our Olympians on this page. Drop us a note for publication and we'll be sure to add it. has more on this including a rich list of all-time Olympians from the Big Ten (see this PDF file). The Olympic begin July 27 and run through Aug. 12.

Note: Participants include all current and former student-athletes, coaches or alumni (ex. individuals competing in weightlifting who attended a Big Ten school) who are scheduled to participate in the Olympics. If the participant was a current or former coach at a Big Ten institution, their current position appears in parentheses.

Illinois Country Sport
Robert Archibald* Great Britain Men?s Basketball
Nikkita Holder* Canada Women?s Track and Field
Gia Lewis-Smallwood* USA Women?s Track and Field
Andrew Riley* Jamaica Men?s Track and Field
Deron Williams* USA Men?s Basketball
Emily Zurrer* Canada Women?s Soccer
Indiana Country Sport
Kayla Bashore-Smedley* USA Women?s Field Hockey
Margaux Farrell* France Women?s Swimming
Christina Loukas* USA Women?s Diving
Dorina Szekeres Hungary Women?s Swimming
Nicholas Schwab Dominican Republic Men?s Swimming
Kate Fesenko* Ukraine Women?s Swimming
Derek Drouin Canada Men?s Track and Field
Orianica Velasquez Colombia Women?s Soccer
Iowa Country Sport
Kineke Alexander St. Vincent and the Grenadines Women?s Track and Field
Heather Arseth Mauritius Women?s Swimming
Caroline Nichols USA Women?s Field Hockey
Diane Nukuri-Johnson* Burundi Women?s Track and Field
Roman Trussov Kazakhstan Men?s Swimming
Michigan Country Sport
Betsey Armstrong* USA Women?s Water Polo
Nate Brannen* Canada Men?s Track and Field
Syque Caesar Bangladesh Men?s Gymnastics
Tyler Clary* USA Men?s Swimming
Geena Gall* USA Women?s Track and Field
Janine Hanson* Canada Women?s Rowing
Charlie Houchin* USA Men?s Swimming
Connor Jaeger USA Men?s Swimming
Sam Mikulak USA Men?s Gymnastics
Tom Peszek* USA Men?s Rowing
Michael Phelps (volunteer coach) USA Men?s Swimming
Krista Phillips* Canada Women?s Basketball
Jeff Porter* USA Men?s Track and Field
Tiffany (Ofili) Porter* Great Britain Women?s Track and Field
Nicole (Edwards) Sifuentes* Canada Women?s Track and Field
Davis Tarwater* USA Men?s Swimming
Sarah Trowbridge* USA Women?s Rowing
Peter Vanderkaay* USA Men?s Swimming
Nick Willis* New Zealand Men?s Track and Field
Michigan State Country Sport
Franklin Gomez* Puerto Rico Wrestling
Minnesota Country Sport
Lindsey Berg* USA Women?s Volleyball
Kelci Bryant USA Women?s Diving
Barbora ?potáková Czech Republic Women?s Track and Field
Jillian Tyler* Canada Women?s Swimming
Lindsay Whalen* USA Women?s Basketball
Nebraska Country Sport
Therese Alshammar Sweden Women?s Swimming
Chelsey Aubry* Canada Women?s Basketball
Jordan Burroughs* USA Wrestling
Ade Dagunduro* Nigeria Men?s Basketball
Gyorgyi Farkas Hungary Women?s Track and Field
Jordan Larson* USA Women?s Volleyball
Karina Leblanc Canada Women?s Soccer
Janis Leitis Latvia Women?s Track and Field
Aleks Maric* Australia Men?s Basketball
Chantae McMillan* USA Women?s Track and Field
Carl Myerscough* Great Britain Men?s Track and Field
Amber Neben* USA Women?s Cycling
Ineta Radevica* Latvia Women?s Track and Field
Brittany Timko* Canada Women?s Soccer
Northwestern Country Sport
Matt Grevers* USA Men?s Swimming
Jake Herbert* USA Wrestling
Ohio State Country Sport
Katie Bell* USA Women?s Diving
Louise Bond-Williams* Great Britain Women?s Fencing
Samantha Cheverton* Canada Women?s Swimming
Roger Espinoza Honduras Men?s Soccer
Amanda Furrer USA Women?s Shooting
Dorde Markovic* Serbia Men?s Swimming
Mona Shaito Lebanon Women?s Fencing
Zain Shaito Lebanon Men?s Fencing
Margot Shumway* USA Women?s Rowing
Margarita Tschomakova* Bulgaria Women?s Fencing
Claudia Wurzel* Italy Women?s Rowing
Penn State Country Sport
Matt Anderson* USA Men?s Volleyball
Felix Aronovich* Israel Men?s Gymnastics
Dominique Blake* Jamaica Women?s Track and Field
Miles Chamley-Watson USA Men?s Fencing
Shana Cox* Great Britain Women?s Track and Field
Natalie Dell* USA Women?s Rowing
Nicole Fawcett* USA Women?s Volleyball
Alisha Glass* USA Women?s Volleyball
Bridget Franek* USA Women?s Track and Field
Daniel Gomez-Tanamachi Mexico Men?s Fencing
Christa Harmotto* USA Women?s Volleyball
Bobby Lea* USA Men?s Cycling
Megan Hodge* USA Women?s Volleyball
Erin McLeod* Canada Women?s Soccer
Carmelina Moscato* Canada Women?s Soccer
Kirsten Nieuwendam Suriname Women?s Track and Field
Tommy Ramos* Puerto Rico Men?s Gymnastics
Doris Willette* USA Women?s Fencing
Ryan Whitling (volunteer assistant) USA Men?s Track and Field
Purdue Country Sport
David Boudia USA Men?s Diving
Nedzad Mulabegavic* Croatia Men?s Track and Field
Kara Patterson* USA Women?s Track and Field
Lauren Sesselmann* Canada Women?s Soccer
Wisconsin Country Sport
Mohammed Ahmed Canada Men?s Track and Field
Kristin Hedstrom* USA Women?s Rowing
Evan Jager* USA Men?s Track and Field
Gwen Jorgensen* USA Women?s Triathlon
Grant James* USA Men?s Rowing
Ross James* USA Men?s Rowing
Egle Staisiunaite* Lithuania Women?s Track and Field
Hilary (Edmonson) Stellingwerff Canada Women?s Track and Field
Matt Tegenkamp* USA Men?s Track and Field