staff, July 13, 2012

There was more reaction to the latest Penn State developments on Friday as a number of people spoke publicly to a variety of outlets. Here's a look at a few interviews, and we'll add more as we come across them.

Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press tracked Michigan football coach Brady Hoke's Friday morning appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. Hoke had this to say about the story:

?It?s so sad and unfortunate everything the victims, the Paternos and family, everything on all levels,? Hoke said on the Dan Patrick radio show with guest host Jason Whitlock. ?It?s one of those things I know there?s a lot of emotion on all sides of it and a lot still to be found out about all those things. It?s just sad and unfortunate on all levels and really is something that takes you back a little bit.?

Read Snyder's full article here.

The college football blog Dr. Saturday on Yahoo! Sports recounts former Penn State star Lavar Arrington's radio interview with The Wetzel to Ford Show where Arrington describes his sadness.

"If you really think about it, how much do I really know (coach Joe Paterno)?" Arrington told the Wetzel to Forde Show. "How much do we really know him? I know the coaching figure – just like with Jerry Sandusky, I knew the coaching figure. I mean, there's obvious ways of looking at this right now with 20-20 hindsight, but I didn't know the person I thought I did."

Read more here and listen to the show clip here.

In a story on, Carly Q. Romalino of the Gloucester (N.J.) County Times spoke with former Penn State star Lydell Mitchell, who is bothered by the implications that Joe Paterno covered things up.

?He had nothing to do with this cover-up, as they allege,? said Mitchell, a Salem (N.J.) High School graduate who played for Paterno and met Sandusky in his freshman year at PSU. ?He reported it, and his hands are clean after that.?

Read the full story at has a comprehensive look at reaction from around the state of Pennsylvania. Also, has a running collection of social media reaction to the news, including tweets. And you can always find a running collection of stories from the Associated Press on our Penn State football term report page.