staff, June 27, 2012

In case you missed it Tuesday night, a committee of university presidents approved a four-team college football playoff, which will debut in the 2014 season and run for 12 years. Get Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and Michigan State AD Mark Hollis' thoughts on the decision in this post, plus see relevant tweets from across the nation.

[Dienhart: Let's Get This Playoff Party Started]

?The Big Ten Conference is pleased with the decision made by the presidential oversight committee to implement a four-team playoff for college football. We feel that this system will protect the regular season, preserve the tradition of bowl games and further enhance the Big Ten?s partnership with the Pac-12 and Rose Bowl while simultaneously allowing for great innovation. It was a great day for college football student-athletes, coaches, administrators and fans.?

?From the beginning of this process, I have emphasized that the important components of the college football postseason are maintaining the relevance of the regular season, rewarding conference champions, and providing an environment that recognizes strength of schedule. While the outcome may not achieve everything for everyone, it does take into consideration something for everyone."

[AP: Presidents approve college football playoff]

The decision, as expected, garnered more than its share of attention on Twitter. Get some of the best tweets from around the nation below:

For those who can't wait for this playoff to get started, there are two dates being considered for the first semifinal games: Dec. 31, 2014 or Jan. 1, 2015. Mark your calendars, Big Ten fans!