Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 22, 2012

The Big House, as the name indicates and we all know, is rather big. So, naturally, it takes a lot of money to keep the nation's largest football stadium in tip-top shape. A routine paint-job is no exception. According to's Kellie Woodhouse, Michigan, if approved, will spend $6 million to repaint Michigan Stadium. Yes, that's a six, with six zeros after it.

[ Paint the Big House? U-M's Brandon announces $200 million construction agenda]

If approved, according to, the project would begin in February. The impressive part: this is just one of several items listed in AD David Brandon's recently announced $200 million construction agenda.

Here's a list of other future projects, courtesy of

  • $4 million to replace scoreboards
  • $9.5 million to renovate the field hockey facility
  • $3 million to expand its softball facility for $3 million.
  • $12 million for a lacrosse locker room and facility project
  • $25 million to build rowing and strength and conditioning facility
  • $90 million to build indoor and outdoor track facility.
  • $30 million to build multipurpose competition arena
  • $20 million to expand swimming, diving and water polo facilities