staff, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday! Here are our top 10 most read posts from the past week. A quick conclusion: people are longing for football and love to debate their fall obsession. Not a big surprise with it being the middle of June. Only a couple more months, Big Ten fans.

10. Did You See This? Mark Titus' Groom Cake
Former Ohio State basketball player Mark Titus loves many things in life. Atop the list are basketball and wrestling, it would seem. The ex-Buckeye nicknamed ?The Shark? incorporated those two loves into his groom?s cake, which featured Larry Bird and Shawn Michaels in a wrestling ring, all held up by a basketball with the Ohio State logo.

9. Get Your First Look at the Redesigned Breslin Center Floor
Another season, another new look for the Breslin Center floor. @MSU_Basketball tweeted a photo Friday afternoon of the school?s redesigned basketball court, its third look in as many years. If you recall, Michigan State introduced this court last season - a change made partly because of Nike?s new Michigan State logo - after playing several years on this court.

8. Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten Offensive Lines
For any good offense, it all begins up front. It?s not an oversimplification to say the teams with the best offenses typically feature the best lines. Knowing that, Michigan State and Wisconsin have to be happy entering the 2012 college football season. I like the Spartans and Badgers? front lines, to the point where they rank 1-2 in my Big Ten offensive line unit rankings.

7. Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten Running Backs
When Montee Ball opted to return for his senior season, he solidified Wisconsin as a Big Ten favorite and himself as a Heisman Trophy front-runner. Ball also cemented the Badgers? status as having the Big Ten?s top collection of running backs. And perhaps the best collection in the nation.

6. Reader Mail: 2012 Dark Horse & More
You have questions, and I have answers right here in my latest Big Ten Mailbag. In this installment, a diehard Buckeye fan wonders if the hype surrounding Ohio State may be a little too high and another reader sends me one of the longer questions I?ve ever received.

5. Unit Rankings: 2012 Defensive Lines
The trenches are where games are won-ask any coach. And the Big Ten, led by a strong crop in the Leaders Division, has some good defensive fronts that will rate among the best in the nation.

4. Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten Linebackers
Linebacker play in the Big Ten should be strong this season, led by players like Wisconsin?s Mike Taylor, Penn State?s Gerald Hodges, Illinois? Jonathan Brown and Michigan?s Kenny Demens, among many others.

3. Brady Hoke, Urban Meyer Enjoy Ribs — Together
Wednesday was an interesting day in the revitalized Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. First, there was an action shot, courtesy of @MikeRothstein, showing Michigan?s Brady Hoke and Ohio State?s Urban Meyer eating ribs together at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp near Detroit.

2. Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten Special Teams
It?s the third component of every team. It?s also the most overlooked component. It?s special teams. And it?s often the difference between winning and losing.

1. Unit Rankings: 2012 Big Ten Secondaries
Big Ten defensive backfields are loaded with talent, including cornerbacks like Michigan State?s Johnny Adams, Iowa?s Micah Hyde and Purdue?s Ricardo Allen, along with safeties like Ohio State?s C.J. Barnett, Michigan State?s Isaiah Lewis and Michigan?s Jordan Kovacs.