Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 5, 2012

Like many of us, Big Ten products are all over Twitter. They let us into their lives and put their personalities on display in 140 characters or less, and they often delight and enlighten in the process. Our goal is to present these tweets to our Big Ten fans, whether they're on Twitter or not. See some of our favorite Big Ten-centric tweets from Tuesday in this post.

Congrats! The Big Ten Player of the Year was selected 35th in MLB draft Monday night.

And make plays he did, amassing 331 yards and accounting for four TDs in 34-29 comeback.

Here's a guess: A lot. And, if things go Michigan's way, even more will say they were there.

So much for punters not being able to find the weight room.

Confidence is an attribute all the greatest athletes share.

Where's the "Like" button? Oh wait, wrong site.

That is an awesome birthday cake! I'm sure the ex-Hawkeye will share with all his teammates.

Less than three months until you can start proving them wrong.

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