Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, June 3, 2012

Like many of us, Big Ten products are all over Twitter. They let us into their lives and put their personalities on display in 140 characters or less, and they often delight and enlighten in the process. See some of our favorite Big Ten-centric tweets from Sunday in this post.

Good. I was surprised to hear he wasn't invited to the NBA Combine. Maybe this is his chance.

A guy Worthy's size, I envision a couple of his at-bats going like this:

Neither do we. At least, Kurt Rambis needed them to see. It's all about fashion now.

You're 20! Enjoy being young.

Looks like Martin is enjoying his new Tennessee duds. Here's a video of Cash's house before fire:

Toothpicks, too. Can never underestimate the importance of oral hygiene.

Big guy on a little bike, said in Chris Farley voice.

Someone had his eye on Purdue?s NCAA performance. Big. Time. Rivalry.

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