staff, May 13, 2012

The University of Michigan women's rowing team found itself in third place in the standings heading into the final two races of the Big Ten Championships on Sunday at Eagle Creek Park, but wins in the first and second varsity eight races earned the Wolverines a conference-best fifth Big Ten title. The championship marked the first league crown since 2004 for Michigan. Read full recap at and see the final standings and All-Big Ten teams in this post.

1. Michigan (147)
2. Ohio State (145)
3. Wisconsin (122)
4. Michigan State (80)
5. Minnesota (77)
6. Indiana (44)
7. Iowa (29)

First Team
Asja Zero, Indiana
Annemarie Bernhard, Iowa
Julia Darnton, Michigan
Emily Eiffert, Michigan
Felice Mueller, Michigan
Amanda McGeachie, Michigan State
Molly Kalmoe, Minnesota
Ulrike Denker, Ohio State
Emily Walsh, Ohio State
Vanessa Kleiss, Wisconsin

Second Team
Cara Donley, Indiana
Katy Kroll, Iowa
Lindsey Healy, Michigan
Melisa Ongun, Michigan
Michelle Neuder, Michigan State
Alyssa Haws, Minnesota
Claire-Louise Bode, Ohio State
Ilse Paulis, Ohio State
Kate Mansfield, Wisconsin
Amy Slesar, Wisconsin

Asja Zero, Indiana
Sarah Radke, Iowa
Kate Grimaldi, Michigan
Jocelyn Smith, Michigan State
Sara Baldvins, Minnesota
Katie King, Ohio State
Jane Roberts, Wisconsin