Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, April 29, 2012

Immediately following the 2012 NFL Draft on Saturday night, undrafted players began inking free-agent deals. The list of players continues to grow, but see the Big Ten products who have signed and check out some of their tweets in this post. Here's the official list from And don't forget about the 41 Big Ten players who were drafted during the three-day event.

See all the signees below:

K Derek Dimke, Detroit Lions!/DDimke13/status/196399937272029184
G Jack Cornell, Baltimore Ravens!/JackCornell73/status/196394348479393792
RB Jason Ford, Houston Texans!/jayford21/status/196402846743281664

LB Tyler Nielsen, Minnesota Vikings
TE Brad Herman, New England Patriots
OL Markus Zusevics, New England Patriots
DE Broderick Binns, Arizona Cardinals
P Eric Guthrie, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

DE Ryan Van Bergen, Carolina Panthers!/VanBergen53/status/196379157075210240
DB Troy Woolfolk, Dallas Cowboys
RB Michael Shaw, Washington Redskins
LB Brandon Herron, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TE Brian Linthicum, New York Jets!/B_Linthicum88/status/196674060858560512
TE Garrett Celek, San Francisco 49ers
FB Todd Anderson, St. Louis Rams

TE Eric Lair, Green Bay Packers
RB Duane Bennett, Green Bay Packers

WR Brandon Kinnie, Kansas City Chiefs!/BKinnie84/status/196393571237113856
OT Yoshi Hardrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers!/yoshi_50/status/196397723623243777

OG Al Netter, San Francisco 49ers!/AlNetter/status/196402273927168002

C Mike Brewster, Jacksonville Jaguars!/Brewster50/status/196389177930162176
OT J.B. Shugarts, Cleveland Browns
LB Andrew Sweat, Cleveland Browns!/asweat42/status/196389607804375040

WR Derek Moye, Miami Dolphins!/dmoye6/status/196388706595258368
TE Andrew Szcrerba, Dallas Cowboys
DE Eric Latimore, Minnesota Vikings!/Latty56/status/196394543107674112
S Nick Sukay, Buffalo Bills!/NSukay1/status/196393459333074944
RB Stephfon Green, Detroit Lions
G Quinn Barham, Detroit Lions
CB D'Anton Lynn, New York Jets
CB Chaz Powell, Oakland Raiders

LB Joe Holland, San Francisco 49ers!/JHolla30/status/196411174080884737
K Carson Wiggs, Seattle Seahawks!/Wiggy_Bank/status/196390914095194113
FB Jared Crank, Arizona Cardinals
S Albert Evans, Miami Dolphins

S Aaron Henry, Oakland Raiders!/AaronHenry7/status/196384512240922624
DT Patrick Butrym, San Francisco 49ers!/kickyobutrym95/status/196399665795710976
TE Jacob Byrne, New Orleans Saints
DE Louis Nzegwu, Atlanta Falcons
CB Antonio Fenelus, Indianapolis Colts