staff, March 20, 2012

Twitter is to go to get instant reaction from big events, so it's always fun to take a spin around the Twitterverse during March Madness to see what some notable names are tweeting. For instance, Drew Brees still keeps an eye on his Boilermakers. Check out a handful of selected tweets below, and find a big list of Big Ten athletes on the Twitter page for Brent Yarina. He's @BTNBrentYarina  and the full list is right here. All of BTN's Twitter accounts are listed on our BTN social media page.

Got others? Submit them via the comments box at the bottom of the page.!/ETwaun55/status/181600988128493569!/L_Bell24/status/181731107543330816!/L_Bell24/status/181733526427807744!/jrLaurinaitis/status/181719911582797824!/DhaniJones/status/181594139773763584!/JeffBoals/status/181578789078310913!/TomCrean/status/181549581123854336!/mgatens5/status/181545076722372609!/mgatens5/status/181544753148596226!/SamThompson25/status/181549496524742657!/JaJuanJohnson/status/181559168845623297!/drewbrees/status/181557675031662593