staff, February 27, 2012

Monday night on The Pulse, at 7:30 p.m. ET, Rick Pizzo, Derek Rackley, Tim Doyle and Mateen Cleaves discuss whether Michigan State is bound for the Final Four. The crew also makes its case for Northwestern to reach the dance and announces its Pulse-Cars (as in The Oscars) for Performance In A Leading Role (Player of the Year), Best Original Score (Play of the Year), Best Director (Coach of the Year) and Best Picture (Storyline of the Year). See the nominees in this post.

Performance In A Leading Role
Our Player of the Year nominees are?
Draymond Green
Jared Sullinger
John Shurna
Tim Frazier

Best Director
Our ?Coach of the Year? nominees are?
Tom Crean
Tom Izzo
John Beilein
Matt Painter

Best Original Score
Our ?Play of the Year? nominees are?
Rodney Williams (360 degree dunk vs USC)
Christian Watford (buzzer-beater vs #1 Kentucky)
Brandon Paul (three-pointer as shot clock expires in 43 point game vs OSU)
John Shurna (record-breaking three pointer)

Best Picture
Our ?Storyline of the Year? nominees are?
Northwestern: ?Chasing the Dream? (Will they make the tourney???)
Indiana: ?Return to Glory? (Program returns to prominence)
Michigan State: ?A Spartan Leader? (The perfect senior season for Draymond Green)
Purdue: ?Back In Business? (Robbie Hummel returns after missing almost two full seasons)