staff, November 30, 2011

Last summer in conjunction with WhatIfSports, rolled out two related hypothetical questions: What if Nebraska had been in the Big Ten since 1996? And what if the Big Ten had been playing with two divisions leading up to a  title game since that year, too? Using the software from WhatIfSports, we generated each season's possible outcome, including actual box scores. The results were rather intriguing. For example, check out the results for the 1996 Big Ten season.

And with some help from our friends at Narrative Science, we even produced a game story for a selected game of the week for every season. We rolled this whole fun WhatIfSports deal out in August before the football season started as another way to welcome Nebraska into the Big Ten, and now we're showing it off again. Have a look at each season on this archive page or click down below to get to any of the other seasons.

And remember: This is just one simulation. If we did it again, the results would probably change. Having done this before we know many of you will take issue with some of these results, and that's really kind of the fun in this. It drives debate and discussion. Want to sound off? Use the comment box below or any of the comment boxes on any of the above season posts. We want to hear from you.