staff, staff, November 21, 2011

On tonight's Pulse, at 6 ET, Rick, Rack and Timmy D discuss whether it will be Penn State or Wisconsin joining Michigan State, the Legends Division champion, in Indianapolis for the inaugural Big Ten Football Championship Game. Speaking of the title game, FOX and BTN released the coverage plans Monday. Read the release here and see what else our crew will be talking about on tonight's show in this post. Watch a web-only segment for the show now.

  • BCS chaos could be good for B1G: Four of top seven teams in BCS fall in Week 12 giving B1G teams a better chance at an at-large bid.
  • Montee Ball joins us to discuss his burgeoning touchdown total and his Heisman Trophy credentials.
  • Who ya got? featuring: Better QB Scramble, Classier Moment and Better Group Celebration.