staff, November 10, 2011

Penn State interim football coach Tom Bradley spoke with reporters at Penn State on Thursday morning and said, " I take this job with very mixed emotions due to the situation." BTN streamed the event live and has posted the entire press conference right here in this post.

Bradley was a football letterman at Penn State in 1977-78, a graduate assistant in 1979 and became a full-time staff member in 1980. He is in his 33rd season on the staff and 12th supervising one of the nation's top defenses. The questions came quickly for the veteran assistant coach on Thursday morning. He was asked several times if he or any other remaining member of the coaching staff knew about Jerry Sandusky and the alleged crimes, Bradley refused to answer citing the ongoing criminal investigation. When asked if his decision not to comment on his grand jury testimony was personal or if he was advised not to talk, Bradley replied, "I've been advised not to do that." Later in the press conference, Bradley said he was not aware of the Sandusky allegations in 2002.

Bradley did say he met with players to discuss how to handle the current situation. He also said Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary will be coaching at Saturday's game but he had not determined if McQueary would be on the sideline or in the press box.  When asked if he considered dismissing McQuery, Bradley said, "Absolutely not."

"We're obviously in a very unprecedented situation," a somber Bradley said Thursday morning. "I have to find a way to restore the confidence … it's with very mixed emotions and heavy hearts that we go through this." Read the full AP report now.

When asked how his team will be before Saturday's game against Nebraska, Bradley said, "I think they'll be ready to play Saturday."

Asked if there are any plans to observe Joe Paterno at Saturday's game, Bradley said, "Right now, I'm not sure there are any" and added he didn't know i the players had discussed anything.  A reporter asked where he thought Joe Paterno should be watching Saturday's game. Bradley said, "Coach Paterno has meant more to me than anyone except my father," and then aid he didn't want to get emotional and took he next question.

How have the players handled this week? Bradley said, "They know what they have to get done," and then added they continue to work hard.

When asked what Paterno's legacy would be, Bradley said, "Coach Paterno will go down in history as one of the greatest men," Bradley said, and he then added he was privileged to work for him. He cited the impact Paterno has had on many lives. "I'm proud to say that I worked for him."

Later, Bradley said, "It's been very difficult to go through this but I'm confident that we will find a way to heal."

Read the release announcing the news of Bradley's interim posting.

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