staff, November 1, 2011

In Week 10 of the Big Ten football season we're adding the audio for all 12 Big Ten coaches on the Big Ten Conference Tuesday teleconference with reporters as we do each and every week. Also, @B1Gfootball spotlights a tweet or three from each coach live on Twitter so follow them for updates from the conference.!/B1Gfootball/status/131401226205147138

Listen to Coach Pat Fitzgerald:!/B1Gfootball/status/131403620540362752

Listen to Coach Brady Hoke:!/B1Gfootball/status/131405936802795520

Listen to Coach Bo Pelini:!/B1Gfootball/status/131408667688972288

Listen to Coach Mark Dantonio:!/B1Gfootball/status/131411926688337922

Listen to Coach Kirk Ferentz:!/B1Gfootball/status/131414127687110656

Listen to Coach Jerry Kill:!/B1Gfootball/status/131415430840594433

Listen to Coach Ron Zook:!/B1Gfootball/status/131418474479226880

Listen to Coach Danny Hope :!/B1Gfootball/status/131421428733059072

Listen to Coach Joe Paterno:!/B1Gfootball/status/131423393231802368

Listen to Coach Bret Bielema:!/B1Gfootball/status/131426056048623616

Listen to Coach Luke Fickell:!/B1Gfootball/status/131428804672491521

Listen to Coach Kevin Wilson: