staff, October 21, 2011

Last Saturday we posted a page with video clips of ten Big Ten football plays on it, one for each of the schools playing that day. Then we let fans rate any and all of the plays all week long right up until kickoff of the next games. In fact, if you missed the feature you can still rate the plays right here. Good news: We're going to do this again for every football weekend left in the season, including the Dec. 3 Big Ten Championship. Right now, Iowa's Tanner Miller has the highest-rated play. Watch it here.

Bonus: If you so desire you can play the exact same game on our Facebook page at Go there and click on Rate the Play on the left. Our producers will add the video highlights after each game on Saturday eventually filling out the list by late Saturday night after the last game ends. It's called Rate the Play and a shortcut link is