staff, October 10, 2011

At 6:30 ET tonight on The Big Ten Pulse, Rick Pizzo (@BTNRickPizzo), Derek Rackley (@DRack48) and Tim Doyle (@BTNTimDoyle) discuss all the latest happenings in the Big Ten, including whether Nebraska's historic comeback against Ohio State saved its season. The crew also will debate which Big Ten team features the strongest defense. Who's your pick for the best defensive unit? Leave it as a comment at the bottom of this post. Watch now as our crew debates which undefeated team they'd most like to coach in this Web-only segment.

The Pulse will play "Word Games," featuring Life as a Walk-on and Life During the Bye Week, which Michigan State and Wisconsin were on last week, and "Who Ya Got?" including Bigger Momentum Changer and Better Bounce. Follow the show on Twitter @BTNThePulse.