staff, September 28, 2011

On last week's Step Into My Office, our Mike Hall sat down with Minnesota coach Jerry Kill and the week before that it was Illinois coach Ron Zook. At 10 p.m. ET Thursday on BTN, Hall takes you behind the scenes with Michigan head coach Brady Hoke. Hall, who can be found on Twitter, @BTNMikeHall, filed a couple bonus Web-only video clips from his visit to Ann Arbor. He also wrote a little about what it was like to hang with Hoke, whose perfect Wolverines host Minnesota at noon ET Saturday on BTN. Watch the clip here and see his comments in this post.

"Brady Hoke told me one of his nicknames was Hokey. But in the adjective form, that name does not apply to him. He?s quite real. He came across to me as a simple, charming man who loves football, loves his family, and loves Michigan.  He looks like a football guy and he sounds like a football guy. I really love the Letterman clip – and do owe a big thank you to them for letting us use it. And I love that he still doesn?t know why Dave handed Brady flowers. An anecdote we had to cut out due to time constraints was what Lloyd Carr told him when he first became a head coach. He said, "You?ll learn more in a year than you had in your entire career in coaching." Hoke said he called Carr after two months and said, "Not a year – two months!"

Watch Hoke discuss what made him want to get into coaching  in this bonus clip below: