staff, September 22, 2011

On tonight's episode of BTN Live our experts covered a host of topics in 60 minutes, then produced a bonus Web-only video clip we call The Fifth Quarter. It's been a newsy week leading up to some very interesting games on Saturday. Plus, we asked you to vote in a whole batch of Internet polls, and you responded.

Not only is the show @BTNLive on Twitter but so are all of our Big Ten experts. Why is this important? Because they're following Big Ten stories, tweeting their opinions all week, and looking for your questions.  And @GerryDiNardo, @HowardGriffith, @BTNGlenMason and even @BTNStatsGuy often tweet live during the show. So give them a follow and ask them some great questions. They want to hear from you.!/BTNStatsGuy/status/117016562346631168!/BTNGlenMason/status/117018939678130176!/BTNDaveRevsine/status/117016078302986242!/BTNStatsGuy/status/117018086367961089!/BTNGlenMason/status/116959365377953793!/gerrydinardo/status/116936762252738561!/BTNDaveRevsine/status/116970049847300096

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