staff, September 21, 2011

The Big Ten held the weekly teleconference with the 12 football coaches and the media this morning, and @B1GFootball from the Big Ten Conference office tweeted the event live as always. Get a taste of each coach's Tuesday phone call with the media via selected tweets, or listen to each entire call on your own. We post these calls every week.!/B1Gfootball/status/116181365665435648

Listen to Pat Fitzgerald:!/B1Gfootball/status/116183527963369473

Listen to Brady Hoke:!/B1Gfootball/status/116186118902394880

Listen to Bo Pelini:!/B1Gfootball/status/116190121291816961

Listen to Mark Dantonio:!/B1Gfootball/status/116191965992861697

Listen to Kirk Ferentz:!/B1Gfootball/status/116196634538418176

Listen to Ron Zook:!/B1Gfootball/status/116198946849816576

Listen to Danny Hope:!/B1Gfootball/status/116201699391188993

Listen to Joe Paterno:!/B1Gfootball/status/116204381795401728

Listen to Bret Bielema:!/B1Gfootball/status/116205840364613632

Listen to Luke Fickell:!/B1Gfootball/status/116208161760874496

Listen to Kevin Wilson:

Listen to Jerry Kill: