staff, September 19, 2011

Monday night on BTN, we interviewed the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week, Illinois' Jonathan Brown, and the Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week, Minnesota's Duane Bennett. Brown met with "The Big Ten Pulse" to discuss the Illini's big night against Arizona State and quarterback Brock Osweiler. The Illini sacked Osweiler six times, five more times than he went down in the first two games combined. How did Illinois do it? "It's kind of hard to miss him when the guy's 6-8, with those long legs. He can't really go anywhere," Brown said. Watch our interview with Brown now and click inside to see the Bennett interview.

Mike Hall interviewed Bennett on "Big Ten Breakdown," and he asked the Gopher to break down his game-changing punt block in Minnesota's 29-23 victory over Miami (OH) on Saturday. Bennett's analysis: "I was thinking one thing, and that was go get the ball." He did, and then he returned it to the house to seal Minnesota's first win of the season.