staff, September 18, 2011

It's Week 3, and we're on the lookout for great images from our TV broadcasts. We collect selected screen shots right off the TV in our Big Ten Screen Plays archive page. Did you spot someone you know? Or did you see something on one of the games that we just must include in our collection? Let us know in the comments section!

Attention fans: You wear a classic hat like that and you will make these pages. Great look!

Why is that little Hawkeye fan up in the air? Iowa just scored the go-ahead touchdown against Pitt.

When is a tie a win? When fans like these Michigan fans dress up for games. Well done, gents.

Another fine team effort here and we approve of taking the body paint all the way down the arms to create the illusion of long sleeves. But we have to ask: When will some clever bunch of  fans paint themselves with the B-T-N already?

Congratulations to this Indiana fan for being the first Big Ten football fan spotted wearing a Toucan Sam outfit this season. You came to the game a dreamer, you go home a winner.

Nebraska fans, we tip our stylish red caps to you.

A nice moment in the stands for Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase.