staff, September 15, 2011

Pretty amazing story coming out of last weekend's thrilling night game at Michigan. According to, sixty-nine-year-old Leo Staudacher was cheering for Notre Dame Sept. 10 when he felt sharp pain in his shoulder during the second quarter.

He thought he had heartburn or indigestion but it turned out to be heart attack.

"Luckily for Staudacher, fans sitting near him knew CPR. A dentist from Trenton began chest compressions. Others called over medical personnel stationed at the game, who took Staudacher to the University of Michigan Health System for treatment. "My family watched while they shocked me with the paddles," Staudacher said in a UMHS news release. "But it was the fans and their prompt CPR that saved my life."

And amazingly, Staudacher was able to watch the last two touchdowns from the intensive care unit. Read more at Fans' quick action helps save heart attack victim at Michigan-Notre Dame game.