staff, September 10, 2011

Week 2 is here! We continue to keep our eyes glued to the TV as BTN covers Big Ten football! That's why we collect a smattering of selected screen shots right off the TV of some of the moments that made us smile. Are you in any of the photos below? Let us know in the comments box below. And keep enjoying the rest of the Big Ten football season.

The choreographed painted chests are a classic move executed by many fans over the years. You've seen it before and it's iconic. However, the painted stripes on the faces is a nice addition. Gentlemen, give yourselves each ten bonus points.

On Wisconsin, indeed.

A beautiful day in Evanston. Look at the lovely blue sky offset by the purple torso.

All of the Big Ten games did an amazing job of observing the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2011. Here our TV cameras caught the military jets soaring past the Penn State video board.

Our Big Ten mascots always seem to know where the cameras are, don't they?