staff, September 1, 2011

As the team here at BTN enters our fifth Big Ten football season, we're excited to relaunch our network website Since our launch in 2007 millions have flocked to blossoming social media sites like Facebook and Twitter while more and more users like you demand to be able to read stories and watch videos on their mobile devices. And so, we spiffed up our look.

As with any new sports season we've got a few key additions, such as What is it exactly? What if we said you can now watch our live TV network on your computer? Find out more here. Or maybe you'd like to watch more than 500 live Big Ten events on your computer that aren't available on TV. Then you must explore our Big Ten Digital Network.On a related note, you're one click away from any of the 12 official Big Ten school websites thanks to that handy navigation bar at he top of every page.

We're also proud to announce LiveBIG, our way of telling the stories of Big Ten alumni changing the world very day. It's a new TV show on BTN but there's also a website. And we'll be posting video clips from each week's show right here.

Our own Big Ten Twitterverse grows with our BTN all-star team on Twitter, and we continue to have lots to offer on YouTube, too. And are you one of the 83,000 people following us on Facebook? Well, don't just sit there – come join us.

And on top of all of that, we've improved Saturday football scoreboards, upgraded our free BTN TV text alerts so you can find out when your Big Ten school is going to be featured on any of our shows, and beefed up our online TV schedule page with more detailed show descriptions in a two-week outlook.

And we haven't even started to talk about our new TV shows, the perfect Football Fix for the Big Ten football fan. Check out Big Ten Breakdown, The Next Level, Big Ten Football and Beyond, Big Ten Live, and Step Into My Office, just to mention a few. All of those shows and others will be posting bonus Web-only content right here on

There will be more as the year rolls on. And be sure to tune in on TV and the Web for football Saturdays. We look forward to getting to know you and invite you to stay in touch.