Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 30, 2011

Hawkeye, the dog who garnered plenty of attention all over the world for lying next to the casket of a slain Navy SEAL, might lead the Iowa football team onto the field. On Tuesday, Iowa announced it will honor Hawkeye's owner, Jon Tumilson, an Iowa native who died on August 6 in Afghanistan, as part of a commemoration of Veteran's Day. A former Hawkeye player recommended having Hawkeye lead Iowa onto the field before Saturday's season opener — an idea that many got behind — and Iowa plans to work with Tumlinson's family to decide what role Hawkeye might play.

The role seems pretty obvious. Hawkeye should should lead the Hawkeyes onto the field. It would be be a moving sight and there wouldn't be many dry eyes in Kinnick Stadium.

Watch the YouTube video of Hawkeye at the funeral below: