Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, July 6, 2011

Once Nebraska was invited to join the Big Ten, we knew the conference would receive a new logo and our studio would undergo a serious makeover. The former was a very public thing, while the latter was something Big Ten fans would have no clue about — unless they took a tour of BTN's studio. Good thing for social media. Recently, I've tweeted shots of all the cosmetic changes around BTN, hoping to give the fans an inside look.

Whether you're interested or not, just about every wall around here has been redesigned, for the better, to include Nebraska. My personal favorite, and the one that seems to be getting the most talk around the office, is the mini helmets, cut in half, in the shape of the new B1G logo, on the wall across from our the Green Room. Not only is it super creative, it looks really cool.

There's more to come, too. We'll have a new set some time before the football season kicks off. It's an exciting time around here, and I just wanted to share a little bit of it with our fans.


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