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BTN LiveBIG: Iowa camp offers area kids a 'wild' summer experience

For these Iowa campers, no two days are ever the same. One day they might be observing red-tailed hawks in the wild and unraveling the intricacies of woodland ecology, and the next they might be off on a canoeing or rock-climbing adventure, or mastering the finer points of campfire cooking. The list goes on and on, and it’s all possible at the University of Iowa’s summer wildlife camps. “We combine the best of environmental education with recreational activities,” said Meredith Caskey, an assistant director of recreational services at the university. “I always say that we’re set apart from other camps

BTN LiveBIG: Camp Odayin helping heart patients celebrate summer

Most people probably have memories from childhood of going to some kind of summer camp. And many of those memories probably involve bug bites, bad food, uncomfortable beds and various other examples of “roughing it.” But they also include friendships, laughter and fun. Because of the physical limitations and strict medical requirements they face on a daily basis, kids who have heart disease don’t get to experience going to camp. Minnesota alumna Sara Meslow started a program to give those kids the chance to do just that. She created Camp Odayin in part because she was intimately familiar with the