Twitter: Jim Tressel tweets Tupac quote

When one thinks Jim Tressel, he or she inevitably thinks national championship, sweater vests and khakis, among other things. The former Ohio State football coach gave us another thing to associate him with Tuesday: Tupac. Yes. Tressel, now the vice president at Akron, tweeted a Tupac quote.

With the #QuietTime hashtag, one can only assume Tressel is referring to the quiet recruiting period, a time when recruits can’t have any contact with coaches, which starts Tuesday.

Deep, right?

h/t: ftw

About Brent Yarina senior editor Brent Yarina covers football and men’s basketball for He writes the popular uniform feature “Clothes Call,” which also focuses on the latest cosmetic changes across Big Ten arenas and stadiums. Read all of his work here. You can subscribe to Yarina’s RSS feed and follow him on Twitter @BTNBrentYarina.

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Chaz on 4/15/2014 @ 3:03pm EDT Said:

Why is this news? He is no longer associated with the Big Ten. He resigned because of rules violations. Let it go.

Mario C. on 4/16/2014 @ 5:32pm EDT Said:

It’s news because it is a quote from one of the greatest Ohio State football coaches in history. That’s why.

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