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Curtis on 4/8/2014 @ 1:49pm EDT Said:

Jershon Cobb

Scott Edenloff on 4/8/2014 @ 2:02pm EDT Said:

How bout Dre Mathieu, he only scratched the surface this season with his potential…at 5’9″ is there any player more fun to watch?? I know they “only” won the NIT, which is way worse than 1 and done in the NCAA tourney(sarcasm included), but how bout a little love for an up n coming Gopher

chris on 4/8/2014 @ 2:07pm EDT Said:


Gary on 4/8/2014 @ 3:39pm EDT Said:

Peter Jok

cole whiteis on 4/8/2014 @ 4:14pm EDT Said:

Dre Mathieu needs to be on this list

Dave Dorn on 4/8/2014 @ 4:52pm EDT Said:

Bronson Koenig will be the breakout player for Wis., we already know what Nigel Hayes can do, but get Koenig on the floor, and Brust’s 3 point record could be had in 3 years imo.

Steven on 4/8/2014 @ 5:04pm EDT Said:

Kendall Stephens… If you mention Nunn, you gotta mention Stephens.

John Murphy on 4/8/2014 @ 5:51pm EDT Said:

Troy Williams

Eric on 4/8/2014 @ 6:04pm EDT Said:

Koenig was a one game wonder has no skills but shooting and might not even start

Eric on 4/8/2014 @ 6:05pm EDT Said:

Irvin from Michigan and Hayes from Wisconsin. Levert will win Big Ten POY though

negele on 4/8/2014 @ 6:34pm EDT Said:

The problem I have with Valentine is his immature ways and showboating.
The kid is talented but so damn undiscipline and that has to do with Izzo and his staff allowing it with his fake tough guy act.

Mark on 4/8/2014 @ 6:38pm EDT Said:

Troy Williams should be an outstanding player for IU. He could start showing up on draft boards for next year.

Cal on 4/9/2014 @ 1:48pm EDT Said:

Purdue’s Kendall Stephens will be on the top of this list at the end of next season. The only thing holding him back this year was his strength which he wasn’t able to improve upon last offseason due to injury.

Matthew on 4/9/2014 @ 2:18pm EDT Said:

Petteway for POY

Umi Shareef Ali on 4/11/2014 @ 7:31pm EDT Said:

DWJ , will blow up next year more aggressive on the offensive end.