OSU's Ed Warinner cracks jokes about rival Michigan

Ed Warinner


Coaches love to fire up the home fanbase when they speak at fundraisers. The latest example comes from Ohio State offensive line coach Ed Warinner, who spoke at the team’s spring football kickoff luncheon on Wednesday. Warinner delighted the crowd with a couple jokes at heated rival Michigan’s expense. See the jokes in this post.

Ah, rivalries! This kind of stuff is a big part of what makes them so special, so great.

For what it’s worth, it hasn’t been that long since Michigan last played in the Rose Bowl. The Wolverines were in the 2007 game, in addition to back-to-back visits in 2004 and 2005.

Sorry, Coach!

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Kidwelsh on 4/2/2014 @ 6:12pm EDT Said:

Not at long? Seven years is almost a decade…

Peter DiGaudio on 4/3/2014 @ 2:54pm EDT Said:

Heard the joke about the lost playbook this way: “Did you hear the Chicago Bears playbook is missing? Jay Cutler is upset because he hadn’t finished coloring it.”