Minnesota to debut new helmet in Texas Bowl

Minnesota announced Monday that it will wear a new white alternate helmet in the Texas Bowl vs. Syracuse. The helmet features a maroon facemask and stripe down the middle, and has the Minnesota “M” logo on the right side and player numbers on the left side. See the helmet in this post.

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Not bad.

Another cool feature: The stripe down the middle of the lid incorporates Minnesota’s brick pattern.

The new helmet honors Minnesota’s history, as it wore white lids in the 1950s and 60s. It also wore this white lid a few years back at Wisconsin.

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Chuck on 12/9/2013 @ 10:54am EDT Said:

I’m old enough to remember the white helmets from the 60s. Very nice

Ned on 12/9/2013 @ 2:53pm EDT Said:

At least it looks like Minnesota and no a service academy.

Dick Berg on 12/9/2013 @ 3:12pm EDT Said:

I have been a Gopher ( all sports ) fan since I was 13 years old ( 1948 ) and I have got to tell you that those new helmets remind me of Penn State and/or what kids wear to ride bikes. I will die loving the Maroon & Gold.
Who made this choice ?

Michael Laabs on 12/9/2013 @ 4:21pm EDT Said:

Keep building brick by brick Jerry & we will have a team that represents the best city in the big ten!! Love the helmets now will they help us pummel Syracuse-we owe them one after Maui!!

EYBadger on 12/11/2013 @ 9:51pm EDT Said:

best city in the big ten….sure it is. I would rank it 11.

4Angels on 12/20/2013 @ 6:33am EDT Said:

All that is old, is new again. Great looking helmets!!! Keep ’em.

Shirley Clauser on 12/23/2013 @ 1:19pm EDT Said:

Well, everyone usually made fun of the PENN STATE HELMETS and also the white away uniforms. Now it seems that they want to be like PSU with white helmets and also a lot of teams have a white away uniform!!!!!!!!! I love PSU uniforms and helmets and now I guess other teams do as well! GO LIONS!!!!!

Schmidty on 12/27/2013 @ 7:06pm EDT Said:

U…G…L…Y…you ain’t got no alaby! Stick with the maroon and gold!