Nebraska, UCLA to honor late Bruin on Saturday

Saturday’s UCLA-Nebraska game is certain to be an emotional one. It can’t be anything but following the sudden death of UCLA walk-on freshman receiver Nick Pasquale. Pasquale was hit by a car and killed while walking in San Clemente, Calif., early Sunday morning.

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Both UCLA and Nebraska will honor Pasquale on Saturday, with the Bruins wearing a No. 36 patch on their jersey and the Huskers a No. 36 decal on their helmet.

UCLA coach Jim Mora Jr. addressed Pasquale’s death and the impact it has had on the team in a press conference Monday.

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Nate Daily on 9/9/2013 @ 10:27pm EST Said:

R.I.P. Nick Pasquale.

fingerssfv on 9/10/2013 @ 12:34am EST Said:

It’s a sad day and Nebraska shows a kind heart for Nick. I kind of wish the Bruins didn’t have to play them. Neither team deserves to lose. Not after that kind gesture.

Dennis Robinson on 9/10/2013 @ 11:42am EST Said:

Nebraska has lost a player in the past, Brook B. – we understand how it feels to lose one of the family. We are praying for the healing of Nick’s family, friends and team-mates. Each of us fans, players and coaches come to love the people on these teams.

Chris lee on 9/10/2013 @ 12:46pm EST Said:

Very classy for cornhusker nation. Agree no loser in this game. RIP Nick

Tiffany Homme on 9/10/2013 @ 1:15pm EST Said:

Wow, Nebraska – you are a class act :)
RIP Nick. UCLA faithfull!

A Garcia on 9/10/2013 @ 1:19pm EST Said:

Husker Nation, God Bless you all. Such a great gesture, you’re a class act. I’m a Bruin fan and send my prayers to Nick’s family.

Fred on 9/10/2013 @ 2:00pm EST Said:

I am a Bruin fan Class act by Nebraska. Let’s play a great game to honor Nick. Thanks
Cornhusker team and fans

Terry on 9/11/2013 @ 4:12pm EST Said:

Something tragic like this puts football into perspective. Our prayers go out to the Pasquale family. As a Husker fan, we understand that the death of a family member is far more significant than a football game.

Guy on 9/12/2013 @ 12:27am EST Said:

Such kind words from coaches and fans alike. The more prayers and well wishes have a huge impact on tha Pasquale family.

CrnhskrBob on 9/12/2013 @ 12:50am EST Said:

Way to go, Coach Moira. Who was that jerk? Doesn’t he listen? Doesn’t he have respect for the death of anyone? Most egrecious thing I have heard in a very long time.

Kudoes to you, Coach.

Rest in peace, Nick.

Brian on 9/12/2013 @ 1:26am EST Said:

I am a Bruin alumnus but have always appreciated how classy Nebraska fans are. This is another gesture which reflects that. Regardless of the outcome of the game, Nebraska supporters show great sportsmanship.