Yankee Candle now selling select Big Ten candles



Gee, you know what the fan who has it all could really use? A school-specific candle, that’s what. Well, Illinois, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin fans are in luck. Just in time for kickoff, Yankee Candle has released school-specific (scented) candles, and the collection includes the aforementioned four Big Ten schools.

Here are the links to purchase the Big Ten candles:

It’s no misprint, these 22-ounce candles will run you $27.99. Hey, no one said school pride was cheap. But nothing will complete your tailgate or viewing party better than the scent coming out of this school logo jar. The candle does last 110-150 hours, so you’re set for several years of games.

The scents, you ask? Here you go: Balsam and Cedar (Michigan State); MacIntosh (Ohio State and Wisconsin); Pumpkin Spice (Illinois).

No description can compete with the one for MacIntosh:

“So vividly real you can almost taste the unmistakable crunch.”

If that doesn’t make you throw the credit card down, nothing will.

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Mike on 8/13/2013 @ 7:51pm EDT Said:

As a Hoosier fan, I can recommend the scent for Purdue

Wes on 8/14/2013 @ 11:06am EDT Said:

$20 says the Michigan State candle smells like dissapointment.

Doug on 8/14/2013 @ 7:42pm EDT Said:

$ 20 says Wes is a bitter scUM fan who never went there.

Wes on 8/14/2013 @ 10:06pm EDT Said:

Good one Doug. Although I am a Michigan fan who did not go there (didn’t know that was a prerequisite to being a fan). I’m not bitter just pointing out the expectation vs outcome of last season on both the field and the hard wood.

Doug on 8/15/2013 @ 3:53pm EDT Said:

Of course you didn’t go there Wes, that’s standard, Anyways, didn’t MSU beat Michigan by 30 in hoops and M needed a last second miracle FG just to beat MSU at home? Talk about disappointing, if Michigan had a candle it would smell like skunk. Let’s look at the last 20 years of basketball not just last year.

Keyaske on 8/15/2013 @ 5:47pm EDT Said:

As a Michigan fan and Alumnus, I can say that I feel very confident the MSU candle smells like disappointment. (and maybe overcompensation?)

Keyaske on 8/15/2013 @ 5:50pm EDT Said:

All it means to have fans that didn’t go to your school is that people like your school without the $22,000 a year obligation. (SPOILER: that’s not MSU. OTHER SPOILER: What does every Michigan and Michigan State student have in common? They both got into MSU.)