Did You See This? Joe Paterno July 4 cloud

Before the annual July 4 fireworks Thursday in Happy Valley, an eerily familiar looking cloud emerged. Like, a cloud that resembled the school’s late football coach Joe Paterno. Seriously. Check out the picture sent to Paterno’s son, Jay, in this post.

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You see Paterno, too, don’t you? Crazy stuff, no doubt.


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bob jones on 7/5/2013 @ 9:45pm EST Said:

You’re right, it is pretty cool.

Amy Mearns Hegel on 7/5/2013 @ 10:15pm EST Said:


dan on 7/5/2013 @ 10:23pm EST Said:


dan on 7/5/2013 @ 10:23pm EST Said:

to all the doubters out there ITS REAL MY FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!

Marie on 7/5/2013 @ 10:28pm EST Said:

This is awesome. Chills.

Collette Malone on 7/5/2013 @ 10:52pm EST Said:

I love this…gives me the chills!

Ray on 7/5/2013 @ 11:16pm EST Said:

That’s awesome!

shookwriter27 on 7/6/2013 @ 12:01am EST Said:


Rawq on 7/6/2013 @ 8:26am EST Said:

Legends live forever, coming from bama nation

nancy cunningham on 7/6/2013 @ 9:40am EST Said:

<3 this !

Rosemary on 7/6/2013 @ 9:41am EST Said:

That is so awesome. He was a great man.

Andy on 7/6/2013 @ 10:15am EST Said:

Really miss the guy…and I’m a Buckeye!

Melanie on 7/6/2013 @ 10:17am EST Said:

This Nittany Lion has no doubt that our Joe is watching over Happy Valley.

Charles on 7/6/2013 @ 11:14am EST Said:

That was Joe looking over his School. His town just doing what he does.

Clinton Smith on 7/6/2013 @ 12:51pm EST Said:

he is still here

Glenn Kilburn on 7/6/2013 @ 1:09pm EST Said:

Love ya Joe. We’ll never forget you.

John G. Thumm on 7/6/2013 @ 1:54pm EST Said:

WE now know our Joe is resting well. We love YA Joe !!!!

Duffy Ooten on 7/6/2013 @ 2:01pm EST Said:


Al Pittman on 7/6/2013 @ 2:14pm EST Said:

Joe got the shaft, great to see him looking out for his school.

PSU85 on 7/6/2013 @ 2:58pm EST Said:

That is no doubt that Joe Pa is still in the hearts and minds of the faithful.

doug moore on 7/6/2013 @ 4:16pm EST Said:

Gang, those are sweet rationalizations..I guess we need them. But, the good news is Joe is at PEACE! Like all of us Joe wasn’t perfect. They can take away victories earned by proud Lions..remove a statue..but, they will never’ change the things he put In motion, “success with honor”, high grad rates & dedication to family & community! When you look at the sky you might see a bunny or a turnip..I have..or you might be lucky enough to see Joe! GO LIONS!

sam on 7/6/2013 @ 5:52pm EST Said:

You all are dumber and more pathetic then I ever imagined…

Maria on 7/6/2013 @ 7:32pm EST Said:

Always And Forever…Love Ya JoePa!

John on 7/6/2013 @ 8:15pm EST Said:

The truth always wins out… May not today or even tomorrow but someday it will be revealed.
Miss you Joe RIP

Jeremy Weller on 7/6/2013 @ 8:40pm EST Said:

Sweet!! It’s weird not having Joe Pa on the sideline for the Penn State Game… College Football Legend! GO BLUE!!

Joe on 7/7/2013 @ 4:02am EST Said:

Why doesn’t the Big Ten Network play any classic Penn State games anymore? I am not happy!

eric herrold on 7/7/2013 @ 9:01am EST Said:

The heart and soul of Penn State!! JoePa lives on!!!

Patti Losinger Clark on 7/7/2013 @ 9:15am EST Said:

Very cool! Joe Pa will always be with us!

karen on 7/7/2013 @ 3:06pm EST Said:

Love you Joe Pa. This Bama fan and many others will never forget you!!!

Rick on 7/7/2013 @ 8:34pm EST Said:

i saw someone on twitter that said they posted this picture last year ….not to take away how cool it is, but it isnt recent

Jerry Smeal on 7/8/2013 @ 6:49am EST Said:

I got goose bumps seeing the old man

Todd on 7/8/2013 @ 9:58am EST Said:

From the heart of Gopher-land– Joe Pa was THE best. Very sad the way way things went down but still held in the highest regard.

Angela King on 7/8/2013 @ 12:28pm EST Said:

They can take down the statue but let’s see them take down the clouds!

John Almquist on 7/8/2013 @ 12:37pm EST Said:

This is just more proof of the great saying,
“If God isn’t a Penn State fan, then why are the clouds blue and white?”

I had the honor of walking a couple blocks across campus once with
JoePa once and will never forget it. I wish Sue and his family all the best.

We miss you, Joe!

John Almquist on 7/8/2013 @ 12:42pm EST Said:

“…then why is the SKY blue and white?”

Need more sleep…

Larry on 7/8/2013 @ 12:46pm EST Said:

We Are………Grateful!

Mary on 7/8/2013 @ 1:00pm EST Said:

Will always be a great man….God bless

LIONLUVER on 7/8/2013 @ 1:45pm EST Said:

Joe was the best, and will always be the best. The truth will surface. Keep the faith Nittany Lions. NEVER GIVE UP cause Joe wouldn’t have. Our team will never give up, which is what a lot of jerks wanted. MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT NITTANY LIONS! Wear that huge blue and white chip on your shoulders. Our team is not normal – they ARE PENN STATE!!!

len dryer on 7/8/2013 @ 2:06pm EST Said:

Fantastic. The power of suggestion.
Joe was an amzing person.

ROBERT FORBES on 7/8/2013 @ 2:19pm EST Said:


roger on 7/8/2013 @ 2:36pm EST Said:

Coincidence?? I think not!!

John A. Naguski on 7/8/2013 @ 2:38pm EST Said:

Board of trustees he is watching your every bad move.

Pat on 7/8/2013 @ 3:34pm EST Said:


PAB on 7/8/2013 @ 4:33pm EST Said:

Coach Joe Paterno was a legend, and he was loved and respected by college football fans all over the world. I am a Buckeye and Badger alumnus, but Coach Paterno did so many good things for college football, his players, PSU, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The Big Ten Conference, and American college football. Thank you, Coach Paterno.

James on 7/8/2013 @ 4:48pm EST Said:

Simply put, Joe is and was the game’s moral compass. No amount of lies, distortions and baseless attacks will ever change that. Joe was a victim, but he was also a hero. If there is a heaven, Joe is most certainly there.

That crumbling sound you here is the wall of fiction constructed over the course of a year by the axis of evil falling apart brick by brick. Joe’s legacy is as sound as it ever was. We will not let the evil doers etch their false narrative into history. We Are…

Christine on 7/8/2013 @ 5:35pm EST Said:

He is gone but will never be forgotten.

    roger on 7/8/2013 @ 6:20pm EST Said:


sheila weiss kazdin psu class of 63 on 7/8/2013 @ 7:46pm EST Said:

Joe was a great man, there will never be anyone like him. I miss knowing he’s no longer with us but glad he missed a lot of the lies that were told about him. So sorry for his family and all of us who loved him.

psu1977 on 7/8/2013 @ 8:08pm EST Said:

This is so awesome. He was the eascape goat and what more can you say! He was the best and now we know he is looking down on his loved school/university/fans! We love you JoePa!

penst8 on 7/8/2013 @ 10:07pm EST Said:

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PSU1986 on 7/9/2013 @ 7:07am EST Said:

Great to see all the positive comments about Joe! Nittany Nation had to stick together.
We are…..

Shirley Clauser on 7/9/2013 @ 8:10am EST Said:

He will always be looking over PENN STATE. AWESOME! Love You JOEPA, RIP.

n urban on 7/9/2013 @ 9:45am EST Said:

I think this was photoshopped – but it’s nice anyway to see that JOE PA isn’t forgotten.

Steve Gaughan on 7/9/2013 @ 10:31am EST Said:

I dunno… Joe had a much bigger nose. Ha!

Barb Hetic on 7/9/2013 @ 5:03pm EST Said:

it sure does look like him may he rest in peace. he wanted to say he’s watching us.

Beverly Morgan on 7/9/2013 @ 8:27pm EST Said:

Just love this and hope it goes around the world!

Joel on 7/13/2013 @ 9:45pm EST Said:

Joel from York—Mr. Joe gave so many of us great memories. I wish I could re-pay him somehow. WE do still love him!

    rog on 7/14/2013 @ 9:31am EST Said:


John on 7/17/2013 @ 4:24pm EST Said:

Scary stuff. It’s like the devil is looking over the hills. Lets hope that no Sandusky clouds pop up

Zach on 7/23/2013 @ 11:08pm EST Said:

Joe is still watching over his players