Steele projects 9 B1G bowl teams, OSU in title game

Phil Steele released his highly anticipated 2013-14 bowl projections Monday. Big Ten fans will be even more interested in the list this year, as Steele forecasts nine (!) bowl teams and Ohio State in the BCS National Championship Game. See Steele’s full bowl slate, plus predicted opponents, in this post.

[ 2013-14 Bowl Projections ]

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: Minnesota vs. Bowling Green
Texas Bowl: Indiana vs. Kansas State
Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: Northwestern vs. Baylor
Heart of Dallas Bowl: Iowa vs. Tulsa
Gator Bowl: Michigan vs. Ole Miss
Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin vs. LSU
Outback Bowl: Michigan State vs. Florida
Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs. Oregon
BCS National Championship Game: Ohio State vs. Alabama

Best matchup: Ohio State vs. Alabama. Easiest selection ever. For real. Pretty much every BCS title game features an enticing matchup, but Ohio State vs. Alabama would be something really special.

Under-the-radar matchup: Northwestern vs. Baylor. If you like points, you’d love this potential battle. Honestly, the way these two teams play offense, points almost certainly would be aplenty. And based on Northwestern’s recent history of playing nearly every opponent close, this would figure to come down to the final minutes.

Biggest surprise: Iowa bowling. It’s not too crazy to think the Hawkeyes will bounce back and return to a bowl following last season’s disappointing 4-8 clip. But it won’t be easy – not when you call the competitive Legends Division home.

Biggest surprise II: 9 Big Ten bowl teams. This being the case, Steele thinks the Big Ten will have 10 teams win at least six games. Remember, Penn State, fresh off a 8-4 season, is ineligible for a bowl due to NCAA sanctions.

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Moyeswatsboozer on 7/1/2013 @ 12:37pm EDT Said:

Wow, no Indiana?

    Brent Yarina, on 7/1/2013 @ 12:42pm EDT Said:

    Indiana is on there, in the Texas Bowl vs. Kansas State.

huskerfanbb on 7/1/2013 @ 12:43pm EDT Said:

No way. He needs to look at Iowa’s schedule. Where are they going to get 6 wins from? If they drop their opener to Northern Illinois (certainly not out of the realm)–they might be lucky to get more than 3 wins.

scott s on 7/1/2013 @ 12:48pm EDT Said:

boy ohio lost all there defensive front and they are going to hational champ. game really????? lets put it this way they have to play all these games yet everybody is 12-0 right now.. everybody might as well just give in to ohio they are such a dominate force noone has a chance.

Ed Crawford on 7/1/2013 @ 2:29pm EDT Said:

Iowa had a bad season last year, there is no way to spin that, but Nebraska has gotten blown out several times since being in the big ten. It has not turned into the picnic they thought it would be. I hope Iowa comes out of the cellar to win the big ten and blow everyones minds!

Ed Crawford on 7/1/2013 @ 2:39pm EDT Said:

I heard that the coaches from Ohio state got their players rings for “Winning the Big Ten” last year. If that is true then why let a team play if they are INTELLIGIBLE?

bob jones on 7/1/2013 @ 3:21pm EDT Said:

Iowa seems to always have good years when expectations are not very high, this may be one of those years, there is talent there.

JoeW on 7/1/2013 @ 3:43pm EDT Said:

Wishful thinking on the part of UM fans. OSU played an 8-9 man d line rotation so guys like Spence and Washington got plenty of playing time. Washington beat Michigan’s best o lineman to strip Gardner and force a turnover in last years game, not too bad for a true freshman. So yes, the d line could actually be better than last years and most of the people that get paid for their opinion predicting these things have said as much. There was a reason Spence and Washington were 5 star recruits, and the two DTs were high 4 stars.

huskerfanbb on 7/1/2013 @ 5:41pm EDT Said:

Ed, you are dreaming. Look at Iowa’s schedule. They may not be favored in ANY of their Big 10 games (Purdue and Minnesota are on the road). Even if they pull an upset or two six games might be a reach. No way they are winning the B1G, or even their division.

Ed Crawford on 7/2/2013 @ 11:20am EDT Said:

I know it’s not expected that Iowa wins anything, Still I think if they can keep injury to a minimum and throw a few surprises in miracles can happen.

Wolverines11NationalChampionships on 7/2/2013 @ 1:26pm EDT Said:

These projections are less than intelligent.

James on 7/2/2013 @ 1:31pm EDT Said:

wow such a bold prediction. Urban Meyer and OSU = National Championship game…please. Urban Meyer is overrated. Also no way OSU beats Michigan at Michigan. OSU did not impress me last year even though they barely did go 12-0 and did NOT win the Big Ten conference.

Dave on 7/2/2013 @ 2:20pm EDT Said:

I wonder where PSU will be bow…wait.

Paul on 7/2/2013 @ 4:13pm EDT Said:

Ohio ain’t even in the big ten, don’t matter how much the lost on the d line

Eric G. on 7/2/2013 @ 4:18pm EDT Said:

James you…just..ha, lets play “point out the haters”, Urban Meyer overrated?! Are you an idiot? Toke over a 6-7 team and goes 12-0, has two National Champs and some SEC championships, try not to be so ignorant to call one of the best coaches in the league overrated, people who get paid for their professional opinions would laugh in your face, dont be a hater because whatever team you may cheer for didnt do as well as OSU, and by technicality they did win the Leaders division, the Big Ten themselves gave them the trophy and rings for winning the division. This is all from a Mich fan, quit being a hater, Urban Meyer is an outstanding coach, the game in Ann Arbor will be exciting this year, but lets face it, Oh St will probably be 11-0 coming in and Michigan, 9-2, 8-3 or maybe if the offense pans out better than expected 10-1. Dont be a hater and make yourself look ignorant. Give respect where respect is deserved

Joe on 7/2/2013 @ 4:27pm EDT Said:

I love how people like James say Ohio state didn’t win the big ten, like that magically makes them not as good. The next closest teams in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State and Michigan, were all beat by Ohio state, which were at Wisconsin and at Penn State. So no, OSU didn’t get the conference trophy, but they were the best team in the conference last year and are the best again this year. Deal with it.

JoeW on 7/2/2013 @ 4:30pm EDT Said:

Maybe the reason Phil Steele’s predictions are much anticipated is that he has been the most accurate of the preseason publications over the last 5 and 10 years: (

Jeremy Rieger on 7/2/2013 @ 6:41pm EDT Said:

You undervalue Michigan in big way. Michigan is much improved on both sides of the ball. Mattison’s defense has improved year by year and shows no sign or reasons why that trend won’t continue. The offense will be better with a far more accurate passer than what Robinson ever was, and that was with 5 weeks of work at quarterback. Michigan will beat ohio in November and in the Big Ten Championship game. Michigan and fans will gladly wait to hear you say how wrong you were come December.

Will Edwards on 7/2/2013 @ 7:15pm EDT Said:

Look how mad James and Scott S are. Michigan is a good team. Brady Hoke is an above-average head coach. There is nothing wrong with the Gator Bowl. You guys might even surprise some people and make the Outback Bowl.

Kinnick South on 7/2/2013 @ 10:16pm EDT Said:

Hawks will be in the hunt regardless of under predictions. Coaching and talent will come together . Ohio state will definitely be in the run for the National championship, I live in the bowels of SEC country and personally cant stand Urban Meyer but he can recruit and coach against the elite SEC teams. For those of you who don’t believe the SEC is dominant , I would say James the stats and bowl championships speak clearly . Obviously you are not a betting man in favor of the Big Ten or you would not be abe to afford Internet service to post your ridiculous comments to support your Go Blue optimism. I do applaud your support of a Big Ten team however the Sec rules NCAA football for now and into the foreseeable future

Scott Ludwick on 7/2/2013 @ 11:06pm EDT Said:

Iowa can get 6 wins easily.. funny comment coming from a husker, who only won by a point after Iowa missed three field goals. Even losing to NIU. wins could be MS, ISU, WMU, Minnesota, Purdue, NW or Wisconsin or Nebraska

huskerfanbb on 7/3/2013 @ 8:20am EDT Said:


I’m giving you MS, ISU, and WMU. That’s three (and how’d that ISU game work out last year?). You might split Minnesota and Purdue (although both are on the road and Iowa will be dogs in both of those)–that’s four. They’ll be dogs against NW, Wisky, and Nebraska (in Lincoln). I doubt they’ll win any, but even if they get an upset, they won’t get two, so best case scenario is looking like five wins and they might not even be favored against ISU (another road game).

You might want to check scores, too. Nebraska won by 6 last year–and Iowa was so inept on offense that they couldn’t score more than 7 against an NU defense that got shredded by most of the Big 10. I wouldn’t be bragging about that performance as if it means anything.

Brian Schwartz (@bwschwa) on 7/3/2013 @ 12:33pm EDT Said:

going to be hard for Iowa to get a bowl game when we are 2-10

Eroc8894 on 7/3/2013 @ 10:19pm EDT Said:

To the Iowa doubters, and even I admit I am skeptical to my own team, but look at 2001 and 2008’s seasons. The potential is there.

OSU 12-0 on 7/4/2013 @ 12:46pm EDT Said:

OSU is going to play MSU in the 2013 B1G football championship game!