Four Big Ten teams land on iconic uniform list

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The guys over at ranked the nation’s top 10 Most Iconic College Football Uniforms, and no one will be surprised to hear the Big Ten had quite the representation. One-third of the conference landed on the list, in fact, paced by Michigan, at No. 3.

[ Top 10 Most Iconic College Football Uniforms ]

Only No. 3, you say?! Well, the two schools in front of the Wolverines – No. 2 Alabama and No. 1 Notre Dame – do have highly iconic looks themselves. It’s a coin flip, really, when it comes to final few teams on this list.

The other three Big Ten teams included are Penn State (No. 4), Ohio State (No. 6) and Nebraska (No. 10).

This is a great list. All four Big Ten teams are worthy of inclusion in any uniform ranking, particularly one that ranks iconic looks.

The only gripe I have with this list is Texas being so low, at No. 7. Between the burnt orange, the classic and clean look, and one of the game’s best logos, the Longhorns ensemble is as iconic and recognizable as any.

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huskerfanbb on 7/1/2013 @ 12:24pm EDT Said:

Meh. Might as well make a list of 10 of the most successful teams over the last 40 years and you’d have it. Throw Oklahoma in there somewhere (maybe in place of Georgia) and it wouldn’t vary much.

They aren’t “iconic” because any of them are really great uniforms. They are iconic because many of the teams that wore them have been great and many of them were on TV back in the day when not nearly so many teams were regularly on TV.

Doug on 7/1/2013 @ 2:12pm EDT Said:

You know I am starting to change my mind about the Wolverines. Any program that can place so highly from an unbiased national poll has to have something going for it. September 1 just may find me cheering for the Maize and Blue along with my buddies Jim and Frank..

reality check on 7/1/2013 @ 2:37pm EDT Said:

Way to go Doug, welcome aboard, you are more than welcome in the press box at the Big House any time.

scott s on 7/1/2013 @ 2:40pm EDT Said:

really alabama?? there uniforms are ugly nothing to them? wow. and notre dame? whats so special about there uniforms???? omg… who did this ranking??? horriable