Twitter: NCAA '14 team ratings raise some eyebrows

You know it’s summer when video game ratings receive as much attention as they did Tuesday afternoon. The reason for all the talk? NCAA ’14 team ratings were released, and a few of the grades were a bit interesting.

Like Iowa receiving an 88 overall, the same as reigning Legends Division champ Nebraska and Wisconsin and higher than Northwestern (86), which returns most of the nucleus from a 10-win season.

Here’s how the Big Ten teams stack up:
1. Ohio State 95 (97 offense, 92 defense)
T-2. Michigan 91 (91, 92)
T-2. Michigan State 91 (90, 93)
T-4. Iowa 88 (88, 90)
T-4. Nebraska 88 (91, 85)
T-4. Wisconsin 88 (88, 88)
7. Northwestern 86 (86, 87)
T-8. Penn State 84 (86, 85)
T-8. Purdue 84 (84, 85)
10. Illinois 83 (86, 80)
11. Indiana 81 (83, 82)
12. Minnesota 79 (79, 80)

Check out these reactions on Twitter:

Hard to argue with any of those tweets. To the game’s credit, it did get the Big Ten’s best team right: Ohio State (95).

But having Michigan State as the second best team, tied with Michigan and ahead of Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin, is almost as questionable as the surprising Iowa overall rating. Iowa and Michigan State’s 88 and 90 offensive ratings, respectively, aren’t easy to comprehend, either.

Worst of all is this: There’s a bigger gap between Iowa and Minnesota (9 points) than Iowa and Big Ten favorite Ohio State (7 points)!

Clearly, EA knows something the rest of us don’t.

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@cyberhawk on 6/11/2013 @ 8:06pm EDT Said:

Actions speak louder than words! Captain Kirk has proven it time and again that it’s all about “the next one in”…. Success especially with “on the rise” status!

Justin on 6/12/2013 @ 10:46am EDT Said:

They probably still have Taylor Martinez’s speed at 82….WHAT A JOKE!!!

Ed Crawford on 6/13/2013 @ 1:22pm EDT Said:

In 2009 Iowa went 11-2 and lost its 2 games because of an injury to the quarterback. [Stanzi] They went into a hostile environment with a back-up Q.B.and almost took down Ohio State in a double overtime thriller that would have given them the Big ten title.
The quarterback came back for the Orange bowl and Iowa destroyed Georgia tech. with Defense and a power offense.
In 2010 Iowa was picked to win the big ten but injures and predictability has damaged their reputation with a 3 game winning streak over Michigan being broken in 2012, The High lite last year was a victory over Michigan St. there. not much else.
They have revamped a lot of their assisted coaches and hopefully come out with a chip on their shoulder. So keep on trashing my Hawkeyes maybe that is what it takes to get a 4-5 year run going at the top! That, and a lot of recruiting! They need an accurate QB. that can run! and someone who can catch a ball like Mcnutt.
Too bad they let Ohio St. and Penn st. play last year. I knew that was not going to be a punishment.

DoctorHoosier on 6/14/2013 @ 11:45am EDT Said:

Unreal that the Big Ten’s best passing offense, returning 98% of yardage from last year, is only rated an 83 on offense. Indiana’s defense definitely isn’t that good, but their offense is unquestionably better than an 83.

Ed Crawford on 6/16/2013 @ 10:02pm EDT Said:

I really hope that the Hawkeyes are getting ready for a tear-it-up season like 2002! I know that Michigan and Ohio State and Nebraska get all the 4 and 5 star guys. But This is the time to get something done.

Dakota on 6/20/2013 @ 1:13pm EDT Said:

@DocHoosier — Completely agree. If given the choice between MSU’s and Indiana’s offense, it is a no brainer. Staggering to see MSU so high and Indiana so low. If they had given MSU a 70 I probably would’ve thought it too high