Photo: Michigan footballs dislike Ohio State, too



If any school other than Michigan put “Made in USA, Not in Ohio” on a football, it would probably go ignored. But when Michigan does it, you better believe, people will talk about it. Michigan redshirt freshman Bo Dever tweeted the picture above of a football that includes the aforementioned phrase stamped on it.

[ RELATED: See full picture Dever tweeted ]

Again, only in this rivalry would something like this be “news.” Such a message reeks of Brady Hoke, a Michigan man who loves fueling rivalries and who insists on referring to Ohio State as “Ohio” on every mention.

Your move, “School up North.”

Update: Adidas makes Rifle footballs, and, according to the Adidas website, the balls are “Imported.”  So, not only are the balls not made in Ohio, they’re not even made in the U.S. of A.

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Bruce Cameron on 5/21/2013 @ 6:00pm EDT Said:

Is that the best they can come up with? Come on you Michigan fans, let’s see what you can come up with. Keep in mind; I’m a Ohio St. fan, so sock it to me.

gobluehadley on 5/21/2013 @ 6:22pm EDT Said:

I’m LMAO on this one…never thought I’d see a football be a part of a rivalry…I’m sure now that ‘ohio’ will come up with something in retaliation…It’s funny how mich. seems to be the one starting another new agitation for ‘ohio’ . Guess you can thank Hoke for starting this one…

    Delmar Jones on 5/21/2013 @ 7:38pm EDT Said:

    john how about staying in the present. they’ve had three coaches since cooper.

Delmar Jones on 5/21/2013 @ 6:43pm EDT Said:

I hope that Brady Hoke didn’t have anything to do with this because when he get fired four years from now when he has been defeated 5 times and the University of Michigans AD reminds him of this. They didn’t need this kinda bulletin board material to add to the rivalry, they haven’t beat the Buckeye but once in what ten years. Huh What Rivalry.

    Bruce Cameron on 5/21/2013 @ 9:08pm EDT Said:

    I don’t have any problem with the war of words, it’s just this example is SO lame. My 10 yr old dog could come up with something better.

Jonathan on 5/21/2013 @ 6:46pm EDT Said:

I’m an MSU fan, but I still found this pretty dang funny.

john on 5/21/2013 @ 7:04pm EDT Said:

Its the same rivalry that got john cooper fired. What was his record vs Michigan? Got amnesia much.

Brady M. Hoke on 5/21/2013 @ 7:55pm EDT Said:

Now that’s a football worth paying a little extra for. Oh, and if ohio fans want to talk about the rivalry, who’s leading the all time series? ‘Nuff said!

jesse domro on 5/21/2013 @ 8:20pm EDT Said:

Looks like a ball that doesn’t cross the 50yd. line

Collin on 5/21/2013 @ 8:27pm EDT Said:

Hahahahahaha to bad they can’t beat us lol

Common Sense on 5/21/2013 @ 8:54pm EDT Said:

That’s the spirit Jonathon MSU fans admire and respect Michigan football. Hoke is a great motivater

Dan on 5/21/2013 @ 9:32pm EDT Said:

Too bad Brady Hoke can’t stamp that on his forehead as he was made is O H I O. Bwaahahaha

Woody on 5/21/2013 @ 9:38pm EDT Said:

Hey, Brodie Hakie….where are you from? That’s right…O-H-I-O! Where are your best players from? That’s right O-H-I-O! Hopefully future recruits from O-H-I-O will remember your disdain for O-H-I-O!

Joe on 5/21/2013 @ 10:09pm EDT Said:

You’ve gotta love a great rivalry.. If THE GAME isn’t at it’s peak on the field, they seem to keep it at it’s peak in other ways.. The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

billy on 5/22/2013 @ 12:38am EDT Said:

alot of you buckeye fans are pretty hurt. chill out its a rivalry and this is hilarious

Jason on 5/22/2013 @ 3:57am EDT Said:

Considering that football was invented in Ohio, that ball was made there.

Kim Stone on 5/22/2013 @ 4:53am EDT Said:

Go eat a donut Hoke! Haha

Joseph on 5/22/2013 @ 6:21am EDT Said:

It also got Carr, and Rich Rod fired.

Joseph on 5/22/2013 @ 6:23am EDT Said:

It’s a shot at a state that’s given them 2 of their 3 heisman winners.😄

Cho on 5/22/2013 @ 10:44am EDT Said:

Oh god, here come a million hurt feelings reports from the osu faithful!

Go blow bo on 5/22/2013 @ 11:55am EDT Said:

It’s funny that you use a ball from a German company just to throw salt. We all know the best footballs are made in Ada, Ohio. I’d buy anything from an American company even if made in Michigan. I’d just deal with the foul odor and keep my American pride.

Target88 on 5/22/2013 @ 11:56am EDT Said:

Brady has tried so hard to come up with catchy phrases and sayings. Wow…epic Fail

david on 5/22/2013 @ 12:23pm EDT Said:

if the fat man wants to know who’s leading the rivalry, in all honesty, when it has been relevant (as in our life times) -= that would be tOSU!!!

chilipot on 5/22/2013 @ 12:27pm EDT Said:

Pretty Good. It would have some impact if they were not the wannabe’s that they are.


KknicoletteOsu on 5/22/2013 @ 12:30pm EDT Said:

T.U.N is so whack they’ll do anything to get some of OSU attention. This just shows how intimidated they are of anything pertaining to OHIO. Its cool though what ever rocks they boat because we surely tilting it come 11/2013 know that.

Mike on 5/22/2013 @ 12:31pm EDT Said:

Many of their greatest players and coaches were “made in Ohio” though. ha ha

Dave on 5/22/2013 @ 12:42pm EDT Said:

Appalachian State.

Biggyrat on 5/22/2013 @ 12:50pm EDT Said:

Hoke hasn’t earned his right to brag
Lets see what he’s got
Bring it on

Biggyrat on 5/22/2013 @ 12:53pm EDT Said:

Hoke is speaking
Lets see who wins

BigTen on 5/22/2013 @ 12:54pm EDT Said:

I wonder if they used that ball when they played Appalachian State?

Paul C. on 5/22/2013 @ 1:28pm EDT Said:

I love it…anything to highlight “The Game”…could be a retort to our undefeated rings that have the score from the last year’s game on them🙂 they should play twice, the first and last game of the season! GO BUCKS!

Tom Banks on 5/22/2013 @ 2:08pm EDT Said:

I love it !!! The only good thing that ever came out of Columpus was Jack Nicklaus !!!!



Erich on 5/22/2013 @ 2:32pm EDT Said:

Love this rivalry. The funniest part is that every football ever used in an NFL game was made in Ohio. It’s now official: Michigan accepts mediocrity from the product on the field….in more ways than one.

Dave Selby on 5/22/2013 @ 3:38pm EDT Said:

I believe they can only use these balls in practice. Must use the official football of the NCAA in games (Wilson made in Ohio). So they practice with this and don’t get the right feel for the game. No wonder they play like crap. I don’t see any OSU fans with hurt feelings over this. I see them expressing opinions about the rivalry. This is a good try on TUN’s behalf but it ultimately fails.

robert m cook on 5/22/2013 @ 3:53pm EDT Said:

hey brady,”ohio” fans are in athens…ohio state fan are everywhere else in the world!!!!!

Joey Johnson on 5/22/2013 @ 4:26pm EDT Said:

Would this football be considered politically correct……Hmmmmmm

Joey Johnson on 5/22/2013 @ 4:30pm EDT Said:

Don’t let the …GUN CONTROL CROWD see this ” RIFLE ” ball…..they may confiscate it.. LOL

Tom on 5/22/2013 @ 4:52pm EDT Said:


Dink-L-do-4OSU on 5/22/2013 @ 5:18pm EDT Said:

Addidas makes Rifle footballs. Addidas website says Rifle balls are IMPORTED. I love it! Great reporting from, too? Photo-shopped? Whatever, I love Hoke! Until he can back up all his boasts, he is just another fat man in a um shirt. He can’t one – up the past 60 + years since Woody started it all, in a just a year or two, but I love to see him keep trying..He’s blasting everybody ( msu, the Irish )..I love this guy and will enjoy the next year or two thsat he is the coach at tsun…..GO BUCKS!

Jerry Vogel on 5/22/2013 @ 5:46pm EDT Said:

Is that all Fat Hoke can come up with… Same it for game day,MSU little sister will need it.

Mark on 5/22/2013 @ 6:20pm EDT Said:

Schembechler, made in Ohio and OSU grad, Woodson, Ohio, Howard, Ohio, Grbac, Ohio, Moeller, Ohio, Darden, Ohio, that list goes on and on. Michigan’s football building is named after an Ohioan and OSU grad, Michigan has a monument sign erected on their track dedicated to an Ohio State athlete, Jesse Owens. Then there is Hoke who’s father played for Woody at Miami but he himself was just not good enough, a result of eating anything within reach of his vacuum of a mouth.

We can only assume that Michigan has an oedipus complex.

Joey Johnson on 5/22/2013 @ 10:13pm EDT Said:

What rhymes with HOKE………………M…GO…CHOKE.

Mark on 5/23/2013 @ 6:27am EDT Said:

Any player wearing a Riddell helmet should not wear that either. Hoke may have not worn his or any other for that matter.

Bo Schembechler had class and you respected him despite being the coach of U of M.

Hoke, you are no Bo Schembechler.

It’s like comparing John Wayne and Fred Flintstone who which Hoke has a close likeness to.

Doug on 5/23/2013 @ 2:37pm EDT Said:

Jerry, what are you talking about, MSU 4 out of last 5, little sister, really? how old are you?

HARRY on 5/24/2013 @ 12:51pm EDT Said:

It doesn’t matter what’s printed on ‘ that team up north’s ‘ footballs as their players can’t read or write anyway.
(can’t play football either)

Fred Flinstone on 5/26/2013 @ 12:37pm EDT Said:

Not all Addidas balls are made overseas. Some are indeed made in the USA for college teams. Since Wilson is made in Columbus, OH that appears to be the joke here. Manufacturers do things all the time that coaches don’t know about. Since Addidas is paying UMICH and other schools BIG bucks there is a chance they want their ball being used, Not Wilson. Either way…funny stuff.