Photo: Does this logo look a little familiar?

Sun Belt Conference

Sun Belt Conference

The Sun Belt Conference released its new logo Sunday afternoon. You might be asking yourself, “OK, what does that have to do with the Big Ten?” Nothing, really, other than it looks like the conference may have used the Big Ten basketball tourney logo for inspiration. Everybody loves pinwheels!

Another thing that makes it Big Ten-like: the curls of the pinwheel, while yellow and blue, can change to represent the main color of each school.

The more I look at this new logo, the more it resembles a doughnut. Am I alone?

Here’s a shot of the Big Ten tourney logo:

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports


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Kristine Putt (@KristinePutt) on 5/20/2013 @ 12:38pm EDT Said:

Nothing wrong with getting your inspiration from another logo. But the new Sun Belt logo falls short of intriguing. It’s flat, static, bland and uninspiring — isn’t the Sun Belt brand at least somewhat about inspiration? What’s more, the logo doesn’t solely serve the business model; it’s so generically drawn that it could be used to symbolize an auto parts manufacturer (can you see the “rim”?), whole wheat bread (made from ingredients that were “kissed by the sun”) or a solar power brand. A good logo contains enthusiasm, inspiration and distinct messaging. It should never be so generic that it can be applied to any other industry.