Big Ten releases 2013-14 basketball single plays

The Big Ten released 2013-14 basketball single plays Tuesday. See who all 12 teams will face only once this winter in this post.

Illinois: Michigan, Purdue, at Northwestern, at Minnesota
Indiana: Ohio State, Iowa, at Purdue, at Minnesota
Iowa: Purdue, Nebraska, at Penn State, at Indiana
Michigan: Northwestern, Penn State, at Ohio State, at Illinois
Michigan State: Nebraska, Minnesota, at Purdue, at Wisconsin
Minnesota: Indiana, Illinois, at Michigan State, at Nebraska
Nebraska: Wisconsin, Minnesota, at Iowa, at Michigan State
Northwestern: Illinois, Penn State, at Ohio State, at Michigan
Ohio State: Michigan, Northwestern, at Wisconsin, at Indiana
Penn State: Iowa, Wisconsin, at Michigan, at Northwestern
Purdue: Indiana, Michigan State, at Illinois, at Iowa
Wisconsin: Ohio State, Michigan State, at Penn State, at Nebraska

Best draw: Wisconsin – The Badgers don’t travel to Ohio State or Michigan State, arguably the conference’s two top teams. This is huge, especially for a team that’s always involved in the Big Ten race and is dominant at home.

Worst draw: Iowa – A popular sleeper team, the Hawkeyes will have their work cut out for themselves, with a pair of games vs. Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin. Clearly, RPI won’t be an issue for Iowa in 2013-14.

Rivalries affected: One look at the list above, and it’s difficult not to notice that heated rivals Indiana and Purdue and Michigan and Ohio State only meet once. What a shame. I’ll say this: Whatever happens to the schedules once Maryland and Rutgers are added in 2014-15, protected rivalries must be adopted.

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Mark on 5/14/2013 @ 7:28pm EDT Said:

Ohio State and Michigan are only facing once? Seems odd.

theotherbigone on 5/15/2013 @ 8:15am EDT Said:

Am I the only one who thinks there is some “back room” bargaining going on with the “elite” B1G teams???

Dan Hogan on 5/15/2013 @ 11:48am EDT Said:

@theotherbigone The conference office needs to keep plenty of quality content for CBS, ESPN, and BTN. That probably drives this stuff more than some kind of shady bargaining. They have to balance that with the need for some level of balance.

Buzz King on 5/15/2013 @ 2:44pm EDT Said:

Michigan-Ohio State = great football rivalry. Other sports? Big friggin’ whoopdie doo. Media-driven rivalry in all sports not named football.

Peter on 5/15/2013 @ 5:59pm EDT Said:

But dude, Wisconsin only plays Nebraska and Penn St. – two of the perennially worst teams in the league – once. Granted, PSU should be much improved, but doesn’t this wash out the fact the Badgers don’t have to travel to Columbus and Lansing?

Bruce on 5/30/2013 @ 8:54am EDT Said:

Peter, I would say it does not wash out trips to two of the three toughest team’s in the leauge. The Badgers are essentially avoiding two probably league losses.

1Adam12 on 7/26/2013 @ 4:01pm EDT Said:

does anybody know when the actual game dates are typically released? i have to travel for work during the winter and want to try to avoid being out of town on big game dates.