Just how much has Indiana lost? Here's a look

As expected, Cody Zeller joined Victor Oladipo in entering the NBA draft. Coupled with the graduations of Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford, the early departures mean Indiana will attempt to defend its Big Ten crown without its four leading scorers, and arguably best players.

Just how much production has Indiana lost? Four 1,000-point scorers, for starters. I crunch all the numbers in this post.

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2012-13 team total: 2,831
Points from departures: 1,897 (Zeller, 594; Oladipo, 491; Watford, 443; Hulls, 348; Elston, 21)
Percentage lost: 67 percent
Leading returner: Will Sheehey (343)

2012-13 team total:
Field goals from departures:
629 (Zeller, 199; Oladipo, 182; Watford, 127; Hulls, 115; Elston, 6)
Percentage lost: 66 percent
Leading returner: Will Sheehey (126)

2012-13 team total: 1,378
Rebounds from departures: 843 (Zeller 290; Oladipo, 228; Watford, 225; Hulls 84; Elston, 16)
Percentage lost: 61 percent
Leading returner: Will Sheehey (127)

2012-13 team total: 515
Assists from departures: 263 (Hulls, 107; Oladipo, 74; Zeller, 47; Watford, 31; Elston 4)
Percentage lost: 51 percent
Leading returner: Yogi Ferrell (147)

2012-13 team total: 255
Steals from departures: 171 (Oladipo, 78; Zeller, 37; Hulls 30; Watford 22; Elston 4)
Percentage lost: 67 percent
Leading returner: Will Sheehey & Yogi Ferrell (28)

2012-13 team total: 130
Blocks from departures: 95 (Zeller 45; Oladipo, 28; Watford, 17; Elston 4; Hulls 1)
Percentage lost: 73 percent
Leading returner: Jeremy Hollowell (12)

2012-13 team total: 257
3s from departures: 172 (Hulls, 80; Watford, 60; Oladipo, 30; Elston, 2; Zeller, 0)
Percentage lost: 67 percent
Leading returner: Will Sheehey (28)

2012-13 team total: 48.2 percent
FG% from departures: 51 percent (Oladipo, 60%; Zeller, 56%; Hulls 44%; Watford, 43%; Elston, 29%)
FG% without these 5: 43.5 percent
Leading returner: Will Sheehey (49 percent)

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So, as you can see, the Hoosiers lose a lot of the production that led them to the Big Ten crown and a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tourney. Does that mean Indiana is doomed? Of course not.

Tom Crean is a great recruiter, and not only does he have another strong class coming in, he returns Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey, in addition to intriguing sophomore-to-be Jeremy Hollowell. Also, more seasoning is exactly what Hanner Mosquera-Perea needs.

That said, Indiana won’t be as efficient or prolific as it was in 2012-13 (48.2 FG% ranked 8th in nation; 78.6 ppg ranked 5th in nation); it can’t be. But that’s fine, because this will be a different team, one that knows it will have to find a new way to win.

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qsyimi1940 on 4/10/2013 @ 4:54pm EDT Said:

I am so disappointed in both players. they traded their pride and loyality for money. I do not consider either hoosiers, and I hope they don’t think themselves

tim on 4/10/2013 @ 6:33pm EDT Said:

the post above by qsyimi1940 left at 4:54pm EDT is unfortunate and wrong. As students, players, models of how to live your life so as to bring credit to family, your team, your University and your maker, these two young men are among the greatest ever to play for Indiana. They haven’t traded pride or loyalty for anything……with solid guidance from family, coaches and others who care deeply about them they have done what they should do and made choices which work best for them in pursuit of a long-held goal to play their sport at the highest level, and secure a future in a line of work for which very few are qualified. To think otherwise in the case of these two young men is simply wrong. There is no reason for disappointment related to anything they have done…….to those for whom Indiana means so much there is only reason for great pride: at the opportunity Indiana University has had to play a role in the development of two incredibly talented people; at how these two have represented the University in particular and college sports generally. They are Hoosiers in the finest sense of that term, and epitomize what all Hoosiers should prefer in every player who ever puts on the uniform. I support them both, thank them for all they have done in the name of my school and wish them the very very best.

Sam Roberts on 4/11/2013 @ 12:32pm EDT Said:

I am sad to see Cody & Victor go, but having said that I am happy they have a chance to play pro ball. Also I am pleased they helped restore the IU BB program to respectability after Kelvin Sampson destroyed it, with the assistance of Jeff Meyer ( at Michigan ) and 2 others who are now head coaches, one at University of Detroit, and one at a mid major in Ohio!