's 2012-13 All-Big Ten teams

The 2012-13 All-Big Ten Men’s Basketball Teams will be released at 7 p.m. ET Monday on BTN/BTN2Go during the “All-Conference Selection Show” with Dave Revsine (@BTNDaveRevsine) and Jim Jackson (@BTNJimJackson). Interviews from select award winners will also be included during the 30-minute program.

Prior to the show, check out’s Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarina’s All-Big Ten teams in this post. Agree with our teams? Leave your selections in the comment section below.

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Tom’s All-Big Ten teams:

Trey Burke, Michigan
Aaron Craft, Ohio State Gary Harris, Michigan State
Victor Oladipo, Indiana
Keith Appling, Michigan State Ben Brust, Wisconsin
Deshaun Thomas, Ohio State
Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan Jordan Hulls, Indiana
Adreian Payne, Michigan State
Christian Watford, Indiana Brandon Paul, Illinois
Cody Zeller, Indiana
Jared Berggren, Wisconsin Trevor Mbakwe, Minnesota

Player of the Year: Trey Burke, Michigan
Coach of the Year: Tom Crean, Indiana
Defensive Player of the Year: Victor Oladipo, Indiana
Sixth Man of the Year: Will Sheehey, Indiana
Freshman of the Year: Gary Harris, Michigan State

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Brent’s All-Big Ten teams:

Trey Burke, Michigan
Keith Appling, Michigan State D.J. Newbill, Penn State
Victor Oladipo, Indiana
Aaron Craft, Ohio State Gary Harris, Michigan State
Deshaun Thomas, Ohio State
Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan
Brandon Paul, Illinois
Jared Berggren, Wisconsin
Trevor Mbakwe, Minnesota Christian Watford, Indiana
Cody Zeller, Indiana
Adreian Payne, Michigan State Aaron White, Iowa

Player of the Year: Victor Oladipo, Indiana
Coach of the Year: Bo Ryan, Wisconsin
Defensive Player of the Year: Victor Oladipo, Indiana
Sixth Man of the Year: Sam Dekker, Wisconsin
Freshman of the Year: Gary Harris, Michigan State


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Charles Taylor on 3/11/2013 @ 11:10am EDT Said:

Wow. Mbakwe? Hulls? on 3/11/2013 @ 11:22am EDT Said:

Jordan Hulls?! That’s gotta be a typo right?

Greg on 3/11/2013 @ 11:41am EDT Said:

Def P-O-T-Y – gotta be Aaron Craft!

Brian on 3/11/2013 @ 11:53am EDT Said:

Crean or Ryan as coy? What about Matta? Only had 1 scorer all year

kylepburkhardt on 3/11/2013 @ 11:59am EDT Said:

Mbakwe leads the conference in rebounding and double doubles. Plus he has dominated the other big men on this list in head to head match-ups. If anything, the third team is too low for him!

Brad on 3/11/2013 @ 12:05pm EDT Said:

jgilroy……you must be a Michigan fan still reeling over that 50 second collapse……..Hulls is a fantastic outside threat that creats inside opportunities of Zeller, Oladipo and Watford.

Randy on 3/11/2013 @ 1:05pm EDT Said:

Hulls is not a typo error he is always a difference maker.

Werby101 on 3/11/2013 @ 1:32pm EDT Said:

Bo Ryan should definitely be COY. Crean had a bunch of studs, Ryan had…??..Ben Brust?

Lee Murphy on 3/11/2013 @ 1:34pm EDT Said:

Not sure why every year the writers pick Wisconsin to finish in the bottom half of the league, then when they finish in the top 4 they NEVER give Bo Ryan any credit! If you are going to pick his teams to do bad and they don’t then own up to your stupidity and give him COY!!

Bret Jerger on 3/11/2013 @ 2:34pm EDT Said:

Crean should have been COY last year, but Izzo got it and he had the studs. Expected to be there and IU was surprise. So Crean should get it this year if you follow the precedent set.

CDrahos on 3/11/2013 @ 2:37pm EDT Said:

Fran Mcaffery is easily B1G COY, took a last place team and made them a potential NCAA tournament team in 2 years.

Andrew on 3/11/2013 @ 3:02pm EDT Said:

Tom Crean is COY and it’s not even close in my opinion. Look at where Indiana was when he took over and where they are at now. Only a handful of coaches in the country can do what he’s done with that program in this short of a time period.

xli2006 on 3/11/2013 @ 3:05pm EDT Said:

Jordan Hulls is absolutely worthy of 3rd team consideration. An Academic All-American, shot nearly 50% from 3P (hit 76 three), a solid Assist:TO ratio, started every game for the Hoosiers as a combo 2 instead of PG to make room for Yogi Ferrell. The kid is all class, a great student, and maybe one of the best 3 point shooters in IU’s history (maybe in the nation right now).

Some interesting decisions for the Media & Coaches:
-Oladipo or Burke for POY
-Dekker or Sheehey for 6th
-Crean or Ryan for Coach
-Oladipo or Craft for DPOY

I think everyone can at least agree on Harris for Frosh and 4 of the 5 1st Teamers: Burke / Oladipo / Zeller / Thomas. There is some debate on worthy 5th members.

Janet on 3/11/2013 @ 4:02pm EDT Said:

Tom Crean should be ashamed of himself for his outburst after the game Sunday.

MJ on 3/11/2013 @ 4:19pm EDT Said:

Crean should get coach of the year! He brought IU back after Sampson and Meyer destroyed it!

John Murphy on 3/11/2013 @ 4:40pm EDT Said:

I’m fine with both ballets (and comments) generally except Appling. He has disappeared and quite frankly, I think both Hulls and Yogi outplayed him. How about giving Brandon Paul some love instead of Appling, REALLY good player who was the focus of the other team’s D all year.

TG on 3/11/2013 @ 4:42pm EDT Said:

Crean should not be coach of the year! They were pre-season #1 and and that’s where they finished…barely. A chimp could have coached those all-stars. Matta, Ryan, and McCaffery should all be ahead of Crean.

Sam Olbur on 3/11/2013 @ 4:50pm EDT Said:

Brandon Paul for 1st team!!!!!!

Troy on 3/11/2013 @ 5:07pm EDT Said:

No way Paul on the 3rd team. He is one of the best guards in the conference and I believe was 3rd in the conference in scoring.. def better than appling for sure……. On a team that didnt really have alot of great offensive players Paul had to take alot of shots when the clock was running down… Also had to play the Point alot for the ILLINI this year. Def one of the top 10 players in the conference….

Greg on 3/11/2013 @ 5:30pm EDT Said:

Crean – no class after win at Michigan.

Ann on 3/11/2013 @ 5:38pm EDT Said:

Tom Crean does not deserve the title of Coach of the Year. It belongs to Tom Izzo…classiest coach in the Big Ten!

Lynn Hart on 3/11/2013 @ 6:03pm EDT Said:

Really!? A chimp could have coached those players and won. WOW! Maybe the Lakers should hire a chimp. You don’t take talent and just turn it loose. Someone has to give them a game plan and see that they follow it. Someone has to scout and help the players to understand what it takes to bounce back from a lost. Coach Crean took a disaster and rebuilt a program with athletes, gentlemen and scholars, give the man some credit and some love. Give a coach some repspect who took a chance on players that some wouldn’t give a chance and turned them into winners with a mixture of talent and old fashion work.
He didn’t load a team with a bunch of one and done to get us back to the glory days, but with hard working young men. A chimp, Give me a break!

Andy on 3/11/2013 @ 6:27pm EDT Said:

@ Greg @ Janet. Ashamed? No class? Crean didn’t cuss, like Meyer did. Crean didn’t cheat and help bring down a program, like Meyer did. Everything he said to Meyer was accurate. No one can understand the stress and pressure that Crean was under his first three years at IU and none of us have the right to question Crean’s actions or motives in this situation. Besides, Crean called Meyer and apologized. Crean and IU are still waiting for the apologies from Sampson’s staff. So all the UM fans can come down off their high horse and stop acting like they’re so perfect.

    Greg on 3/11/2013 @ 6:47pm EDT Said:

    Not U of M fan – quite the opposite. Cream took a great win and tarnished it. His antics are bigger news than the game. Big Ten Title should have been enough revenge. Comment stands – no class.

Ann on 3/11/2013 @ 6:28pm EDT Said:

Well, he certainly could use some anger management classes! Not very classy on national tv!!!

Bob on 3/11/2013 @ 7:07pm EDT Said:

@Lynn Hart and others… It’s Coach of the YEAR, not coach of the last few years. Yes, Crean rebuilt the program and deserves credit for it. But he didn’t do the best coaching job in the conference this season. His team was picked to win it and began the season with the No. 1 ranking. All they did was live up to expectations. What kind of adversity did they face? Bo Ryan overcame the loss of his starting PG.

Logan on 3/11/2013 @ 7:57pm EDT Said:

Crean is a motivator when it comes to coaching. That comment after the game is doing exactly what Crean wants and that is to show how motivated he is on defending Indiana University and to get his players ready and pumped for the Big Ten Tournament. Crean COY and Oladipo POY.To the Victor goes the spoils!!!

ChefPaul on 3/11/2013 @ 9:39pm EDT Said:

Crean is very CLASSLESS. He is earning quite the reputation and its not the good kind.
As a Fan of Tom Izzo, its a shame that he was once a Spartan!!

    Logan on 3/11/2013 @ 10:43pm EDT Said:

    Creans reputation is bringing a school back to greatness… That’s not classless!!! He wanted to leave his impressions on that ex IU assistant coach and he did… So what it’s just like after someone celebrates after a dunk, touch down, or goal except by a coach… He is showing where he lies in the situation and that’s with the Hoosier fans… Just like a Harbaugh he lets his opinion be known on the court who cares if you don’t like it… What that coach did was wrong

ChefPaul on 3/11/2013 @ 9:49pm EDT Said:

Craft could possibly have the worst stats of any 1st Team All Big Ten Selection ever. (media darling) His stats are very comparable to Ronnie Johnson. Who’s that you say? Exactly!!!
Craft is less than 10 a game and doesn’t lead in any other category. If my point guard is only going to get me 9 a game he better be dishing out 7 or more a game. Not 4!!!

Hulls is a fine player and great shooter. All Big Ten he is not.

Bo Ryan COY hands down.
Trey is POY hands down.
Harris FOY hands down.
Victor DPOY hands down.

Mason on 3/17/2013 @ 4:44pm EDT Said:

Mbakwe 3rd team!?!?!? What the he’s at least 2nd team….