Video: 'Big Dog,' 'The Custodian' visit Coach Keady

Legendary Purdue coach Gene Keady, currently an assistant at St. John’s, attended Wednesday night’s Michigan-Purdue game at Mackey Arena. And he had a couple distinguished visitors track him down during the first half. Former Purdue stars Glenn Robinson and Brian Cardinal found Keady’s seats and visited the coach for a few moments. Watch the encounter here.

Purdue fans must LOVE this sight – even if it happened in a painful loss.

Good timing, we assume, helped make this meet-up possible. Keady’s St. John’s team is off until Saturday, and Wednesday’s opponent just happens to feature Robinson’s son, Glenn Robinson III.

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Dennis Bailey on 3/7/2013 @ 6:09pm EDT Said:

Great to see these legends reunite. There has been a lot of speculation that there had been a falling out betweenBig Do and Keady since Glen didn’t come to Keady’s last game when many other former players came to send him off. They certainly idn’t show any anomosity anyway.