Video: Rodney Williams' best slam dunk?

Four days after showing the basketball world how high he can get up, Rodney Williams decided to show everyone how long he can hang in the air. Spoiler alert: It’s a LONG time. At the end of the first half of the Penn State-Minnesota game on Saturday, Williams defied gravity, once again, with his latest highlight-reel alley-oop. Watch the dunk here.

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Anyone else notice how Williams almost paused in the air? He hit his apex, yet stayed there as he reached back with his left arm – the same one that’s attached to an injured shoulder – to corral the off-target pass. That alone was impressive, but the fact he had the torque to complete the alley-oop, and with so much power, has to put this dunk in the discussion for the best of Williams’ career.

Another reason you know it was a terrific dunk: Williams’ teammates were looking up to the scoreboard for the replay as they walked off the court to go to the locker room.

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Williams also had this nice riser Saturday:

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