Video: Gopher fans storm court after upset of No. 1 Indiana

We saw the scene earlier this month in Champaign. It happened Tuesday night, too, after Minnesota knocked off No. 1 Indiana at Williams Arena. It’s safe to say, Tom Crean and the Hoosiers have seen enough of the opponent’s fans storming the court against them. Watch the Minnesota fans celebrate Tuesday’s exciting win over Indiana now.

[ GALLERY: See photos of Minnesota fans storming the court ]

As a comparison, here’s the Illini court storming:

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Jim on 2/27/2013 @ 1:01pm EDT Said:

Indiana will not win an NCAA championship! They just are not a physical enough team to be able to win in the tournament. Butler and Wisconsin was the proving point look at there roster these guys play well yes and they have a lot of talent, but in the end its an illusion. Look at Hulls he was non existent on the defensive end at Minnesota. It was 5 on 4 just like the butler game. Watford can be a disappointment he cant stay consistent enough and there is no excuse for that your a senior you need to play! Zeller gets pushed around a lot in there if you haven’t noticed and he is going pro? In the end they wont win the BIG TEN tournament or the NCAA championship until Indiana actually gets men on the court and not boys sorry to say!