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aroznowski on 2/26/2013 @ 11:16pm EDT Said:

If any bracketologist has Minnesota worse than a #6 or #7 seed after tonight, he or she ought to be fired. There is no way that the Gophers belong anywhere below that. In all honesty, the Gophers should probably be seeded higher than Wisconsin and Illinois. The Gophers beat both Wisconsin by a score of 102-98 (44-45 and 58-53) and Illinois by a score of 137-124 (84-67 and 53-57). The Gophers have a top-20 RPI whereas Wisconsin and Illinois do not. Minnesota’s strength of schedule and nonconference RPI are the highest in the country. As of right now, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State all deserve to be ahead of the Gophers without a doubt. Those four teams, especially the first three, are on another level. No other Big Ten team currently does.