All maize: Michigan to wear new adidas uniform Tuesday



No. 10 Ohio State won’t be the only team sporting a new look for Tuesday night’s rivalry game at No. 3 Michigan. On Monday, the Wolverines announced they will debut an adidas maize monochromatic uniform, in addition to some flashy maize shoes.

The uniform design should look familiar. Nebraska and Wisconsin, also adidas teams, wore their versions of it for the teams’ meeting last month, and they’ll do so again Feb. 26 in Madison. Also, the NBA donned similar threads for its Christmas Day marathon.

The biggest complaint about this latest adidas design is that it can be difficult to read player numbers and last names on the back of the jersey. The surnames are the exact color as the jersey, so it’s tough to read unless it’s a close shot.

Here’s a video of Trey Burke talking about Michigan’s new shoes:

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Michael on 2/4/2013 @ 4:46pm EDT Said:

When did highlighter yellow become maize?

Erin on 2/4/2013 @ 7:12pm EDT Said:

Thank you!! “Maize” is a different shade of yellow every year!

Doug on 2/4/2013 @ 9:12pm EDT Said:

yellow, maize, both ugly !!!

Teddy on 2/5/2013 @ 2:20pm EDT Said:

Looks like the NBA jersey Heat/Thunder were on Christmas day.

Dave Crist on 2/5/2013 @ 3:26pm EDT Said:

I’m a grad and fan of “THE”.. buck I love the shoez – and a pre-sorry if you guys get another buzzer disaster “un-returned” like that Evan Turner deal. As much fun as it was for him and some Buckeye Basketball fans, it was a take-away lost for my “bad” Kirks in Meechigan
– your girls Are prettier, so just go w/the whatever whenever (and thine own selves)