Did You See This? Ohio State honors 2002 team, Tressel

Saturday was a big day at Ohio Stadium. Not only did Ohio State beat heated rival Michigan to clinch a perfect 12-0 season, the school celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the 2002 national championship team. And yes, the festivities included Jim Tressel, the former coach responsible for the current team’s NCAA probation. That didn’t matter on this day, as the Ohio State faithful gave Tressel a rousing ovation. Watch the fans shower Tressel with love now.

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Like this year’s Ohio State team, the 2002 one also went undefeated. It, of course, capped its perfect campaign by beating then-No. 1 Miami in the BCS title game.

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Doug Masters on 11/24/2012 @ 6:55pm EDT Said:

Was Tressel the good luck charm, and he got that coach form the team up North Quaking in his hush puppies.

Tim on 11/25/2012 @ 7:28am EDT Said:

I think it reflects that the values at OSU that got him in trouble in the first place are still embodied and embraced by the university and fans. I would be surprised if the NCAA does not extend their probation for this act of defiance.

H on 11/25/2012 @ 10:44pm EDT Said:

I smell sour grapes.

Mikel on 11/26/2012 @ 12:12pm EDT Said:

Those Buckeye fans have not forgotten the National Championship he brought them not to mention the years of just owning
that team up north. Bravo!

Lisa on 11/26/2012 @ 4:34pm EDT Said:

I was there and I was in disbelief. Honor the 2002 team, but not the coach. What a way to show how little you care about the men playing on the field now. Celebrate the man who’s punishment they are now serving? Does the current OSU team deserve that kind of disrespect? It was despicable. Between that and the behavior of our fans, I was embarrassed for the team, and the state of Ohio.

Brandon on 11/26/2012 @ 10:30pm EDT Said:

@Lisa the man who was raised upon those boys shoulders created an environment at Ohio State that not many others may have been capable of. Can you not understand the importance of a head coach? The man who led those boys and that team? 100% deserving of what happened and how he was received on Saturday. I was there in person as well and I got goosebumps hearing the crowd erupt once he was raised. It is obvious to the players he coached and the majority of the fans in the stands who cheered for him that day. Having played college football myself, I know how much respect a head coach gets and deserves from his team, community and fans. Jim Tressel is a legend at Ohio State and he forever will be.

Marty Walker on 11/27/2012 @ 7:56pm EDT Said:

Lisa and Tim. Are you guy’s married. Jim Tressel stood for that institution you down talk. He was every bit a proud member of that 2002 team and every year since. One mistake he wish’s he didn’t make. Come on- if you are perfect then cast them stone’s. Nothing worse than people acting like they are perfect in their own lives. Give him a break. Didn’t God forgive you of your sins. Judge not lest ye be judged.

    Tim on 11/27/2012 @ 8:29pm EDT Said:

    Have no clue who she is. I stand by my original statement.

H on 11/28/2012 @ 1:46am EDT Said:

I don’t understand why people down talk the celebration of the national championship we got 10 years ago. It was great effort, along with a bit of luck, from the players and coaches. It was great memories, and an accomplishment that forms the history of the Ohio State University.
To honor the team from 2002 between quarters is a nice gesture and custom that encourages future hard-workers to join this great institution.
It was the players, who he mentored for years, that put him on their shoulders – in fact he is a father figure to the team – but after the celebration, he is still a fired coach, that you could rub salt by asking him in other press conferences on his view of the probation the current team is having now.
As an institution, the school impose bans and take responsibilities; the student athletes knew it, and chose to stay. That’s their choice of sticking to this school with great tradition even at this tough time.
You could quit the Ohio State University, burn your diploma if you feel ashame. It’s a great lesson learnt for those who have been, and will be related to this school, how we should behave…

david k on 6/14/2013 @ 1:00am EDT Said:

so everyone that makes a mistake should be cast out and shunned for life????? i guess i just havent realized we had so many people around this country that can walk on water!!!i believe was jim tressel did was wrong on every level, but he has also done alot of good for college football as a whole. and i consider him an outstanding role model. i think the good always wins out,and he is a good person at hear, id back that man up anywhere anytime:).